7 Science-Backed Reasons You Should Have Sex With Your Partner Every Day

Sex and Science

Having sex is a natural part of life. It is also the main way people reproduce. When you first enter a new relationship, sex is usually an exciting part of the relationship. As the relationship progress, you may find that your sex life is going downhill. This is unfortunate as sex is not only natural but also yields many benefits for both individuals involved. Many people find that regular sex helps them sleep better, reduce stress and even makes them feel better. In order to shed more light on these claims, we’ve decided to look at what science says about sex, the mind, and the body.

  1. Sex keeps the heart healthy

Sexual intercourse has significant benefits for the heart. Cleveland Clinic reports that a group of researchers completed a study regarding the effects of sexual intercourse on heart health. They found that men who participated in sexual intercourse at least two times every week had a considerably lower risk of experiencing a heart attack when compared to men who did not engage in sexual intercourse this frequently. Switching things up a notch by having sexual intercourse daily could have even further benefits and may even improve your overall cardiovascular health.

  1. Sex might help you live longer

This might be quite a surprising fact, but research suggests that regular sexual intercourse may increase a person’s lifespan and lower their overall risk of death. Data about the study has been released by Planned Parenthood. According to the report, 918 men were monitored over a 10-year period. Each participant was asked about their orgasm frequency as well. The results concluded that men who had an orgasm through sexual intercourse at least two times every week had a 50% lower mortality risk than those who experienced an orgasm less frequently. Get ready by doing a set of kegel exercises for men, perform and improve your lifespan.

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  1. Sex Fights Off Colds

Immunoglobulin A is a substance that helps the body fight off the common cold and other viruses. The more of this substance you have in your body, the more protection you have. Psychology Daily reports that a recent study found having sexual intercourse two times a week increases the amount of immunoglobulin A in the body by an average of 30%. This means that regular sexual intercourse can strengthen your immune system and even prevent you from catching a cold.

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