Best Workout Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

Improve Your Sex Life By Exercising

Exercising can keep you fit and toned, but it can also improve your sex life. How is that you ask? Well, working out regularly increases your energy levels and stamina, both of which you’ll find useful in the bedroom. Exercise is also known to boost testosterone levels and testosterone is the number one hormone governing your sex drive. But not only that, exercising also improves mood by altering feel-good neurotransmitter levels. When you’re not feeling so well, chances are you won’t be in the mood for sex either, but a bit of exercising can correct this problem. And then there’s the increased flexibility, better body image, greater confidence and other things that exercising can provide for greater sex. So, without further ado, here are workout ideas you can follow for a better sex life.

1. Aerobic exercising for mood

Aerobic exercising, also known as cardio, provides a whole range of health benefits. From better cardiovascular health to improved energy levels, there’s so much cardio can do for you. But of all other exercises, cardio was found to be especially beneficial for your mood. Cardio is able to reduce anxiety and depression but also help lower stress levels. If you want to improve your mood for a happier sex life, any type of cardio will do. Swimming, jogging, cycling, and even walking provide an instant mood-boost to get you into a relaxed state for lovemaking. However, in terms of muscle toning and weight loss, cardio does not match the efficiency of other more intense exercises. Nevertheless, cardio should still be a part of any exercising regimen you’re planning to take up.

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2. Toned muscles with strength training

Getting a toned body is tough, but it may be worth it for the sake of your sex life. Not only will you be more confident about your body, but your significant other will appreciate your efforts to look good. But strength training also corrects low testosterone– a hormone you need for a strong sex drive. However, toning the body is tough and take a great amount of time and effort. Find a certified trainer that can guide you towards your goals. Muscle toning involves high intensity resistance training, aerobics, and careful meal planning. Chances are that you’ll also need to restrict your calories to let those muscle stand out. But if you’re not that into getting a ripped body from spending hours at the gym, maybe you could simply use sex to your advantage to get the body you want. Miranda Kerr made a controversial statement in 2014, saying that the more sex she had, the more defined her arms and stomach would get. The gorgeous model credits her amazing body solely to sex.

3. Yoga for your sex life

People start practicing yoga for various reasons. Some take up yoga for the stress-relief it provides, while other want to improve their flexibility and overall health. But you’ll rarely hear people taking up yoga to make their sex life friskier. However, as you already probably know, better sexual functioning is an inevitable “side effect” of regular yoga practice. This is especially true for the ladies whose sexuality strongly depends on mood and well-being. Since yoga improves both, it’s safe to say that women can enjoy sex much more if they take up a yoga class. This was even scientifically-proven to be true in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The women in this study reported that all aspects of their sexual functioning improved after 12 weeks of yoga and these included desire, arousal, satisfaction, orgasm, and lubrication.

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4. HIIT for greater endurance in the bedroom

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be one of the best types of workouts out there. Studies show that this type of workout burns fat, improves cardiovascular functioning, and increases endurance. This type of training involves short bouts of sprinting followed by moderate exercising. And what is best, you only need to do this for a couple of minutes each day to get the full benefits. The end result is greater endurance in the bedroom that you and your SO will definitely notice. However, to get the full benefit of HIIT, most trainers recommend combining the exercise with aerobics and weight lifting to achieve your full potential.

5. Couple’s exercising

Maybe one of the best ways couples could spice things up in the bedroom is spending more time together – at the gym. Rumor has it that FKA Twigs has put Robert Pattison on a diet and exercise regimen to boost his performance in the bedroom. The controversial rumor was started when OK Magazine published an article a little over two years ago where it was stated that the shapely dancer was outperforming the Twilight actor in the bedroom. We don’t really know it this is true or not, but we do know that Pattison and his fiancé do spend quite a bit of their days working out together. Maybe we could take note of Twigs’s approach to getting her lover into shape, by being his side as he tries to keep up with her. After all, numerous studies show that when married people exercised with their partners, their gym attendance was greater than in people who exercised alone. It goes to show that in order to make your sex life better, both parties need to work up a sweat both in and out of the bedroom.

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Although most people exercise for better health and to lose weight, some may find it motivating that exercising regularly can improve your sex life. We’ve seen celebrities emphasize the importance of being fit for the sake of sexual happiness and there are even studies that support this claim. And if you use common sense, it seems logical that the fitter you are outside the bedroom, the greater your performance should be in the bedroom. But other than that, exercising also improves mood and sex hormone levels, both of which can make a difference in your desire, sex drive, and stamina.

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