The Golden Rules of Muscle Growth

The Golden Rules of Muscle Growth

Here are the 3 golden rules of muscle growth! See how can you achieve your dream body by following these small steps!

If you are looking for new ways to improve muscle growth and to make every minute worth all your efforts in the gym, this article might be exactly what you need right now. There are a lot of advices and opinions and maybe you don’t know what is best for you and your body. You can start with these 3 golden rules of muscle growth and the results will appear much faster!


1. Your muscle growth is directly influenced by the specific order in which you perform your exercises. For more power and overall size you need to start with the big muscle groups and hit the smaller muscles only after you’ve finished with the heavy lifting. In this way you work your small muscle only after you’ve drained all the energy from the big ones.

2. Try to do weightlifting before cardio. Many pleople believe that it doesn’t really matter the order, but long cardio sessions will use up most of your strength and fatigue your muscles before you even touch a dumbbell. Besides this, if you do cardio , for exemple, the day after a lifting session, the fresh muscle gains can improve your performance and give you much better results in your cardio training.


3. Try to put free weights before machine exercises. Free weights allow you to do functional movements with full range of natural motion. this will improve the health of your bones and joints and will increase your muscle coordination which is very very important if you want real results. While machines are amazing for isolating smaller muscle groups, free weight exercises are more difficult to perform and they require more from your body, which is essentially the key to a big and ripped physique.

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  1. Hi i am planning to join gym n i need big muscles m 27 yrs old so do i need to go fr heavy n weight workout or need to start with light weight workout plz suggest me

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