This Is Why You Should Never Drink Cold Water

This Is Why You Should Never Drink Cold Water
This Is Why You Should Never Drink Cold Water

Do you think cold water is good for your health? Think again! Look what happens in your body when you drink it!

In a hot summer day or after a very hard workout everyone craves for a glass of cold water. Well, if you’re one of those people you should think twice before drinking it. The Chinese were the first ones to know, understand, and discover that cold water isn’t really that good for the immune system and the digestion process.


It seems like cold water constricts the digestive tract, making the process tough. In this way the body isn’t able to absorb all the nutrients needed for the organs to function properly. To understand it better you need to keep in mind that your body enzymes work best at a temperature of 37–42⁰C. When you’re drinking cold water your body uses energy to warm up the liquid instead of using it to digest the food. The digestion process becomes heavier and takes longer and gives you a sensation of fatigue.


Your body won’t be able to flush out all the toxins and this can be the root cause of many diseases. The Chinese also came with the theory that drinking cold water leads to an accumulation of mucus in the body and this weakens the immune system. You’ll be more exposed to colds, flu and other health problems.

But don’t worry! You can replace cold water with a warm tasty beverage like tea. Remember that it’s best to consume it warm, not hot. In this way you’ll get all its benefits. Warm fluids enhance the digestion process by stimulating the natural digestive enzymes. It also purifies the blood and prevents dehydration.

Not a tea drinker? Try to consume a glass of warm water with a thin slice of lemon at least in the morning. Drinking warm water prevents solidifying the fats from the food you have consumed, and it breaks down the food easily.

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