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    Natural Relief for Neck Pain? Acupuncture as a Treatment Option

    Topic: Natural Relief for Neck Pain? Acupuncture as a Treatment Option

    One condition that all of us have experienced at some point in our lives is neck pain. Given our modern lifestyles, it’s not hard to see why. We tend to live sedentary lives, working in an office where we slouch at our desks, hunch over our keyboards, or crane our necks to look at our phones on our commute home. When you consider that your head weighs around 5kg, it’s no wonder why our necks are under strain from supporting the load.

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    Many of us also tend to hold stress in our neck and shoulders, which contributes to neck pain. A build-up of stress can cause us to instinctively tense up our muscles, resulting in our shoulders and neck feeling knotted.

    Neck pain can also lead to other symptoms such as tension headaches, dermatome pain, teeth grinding, jaw pain, dizziness or light-headedness. Alternatively, the tension can also travel down and result in back pain. 

    Neck pain can cause a serious hindrance to your usual life, resulting in sleepless nights, a limited range of motion and potentially crippling pain. Whether your neck pain is acute or chronic, it’s critical to seek treatment immediately to prevent the problem from worsening or continuing to reduce your quality of life. 

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    Common treatments for neck pain include using pain relief gels at home, taking medications or even seeking surgery. However, many people find that this only brings short-term pain relief, or are looking for natural solutions so that they don’t have to rely on medicines and chemicals.

    If you have only achieved short-term relief from other treatment options or are looking for a natural option, acupuncture could be right for you. The ancient technique of acupuncture has been shown to be highly effective for easing and even treating chronic neck pain. Chinese medicine suggests that tightness or pain is due to blocked circulation of blood and energy in the area. By increasing the circulation in the area using targeted needling, pain and tightness can therefore be relieved.

    Additionally, the process can help to relieve stress thanks to the chemicals and hormones that are released when certain points along the central nervous system are stimulated. This is critical for ongoing pain management, as experiencing less stress means carrying less tension in your shoulders, thereby saving you from continuing neck pain.

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    Acupuncture is more than just an “alternative” healing practice. In fact, modern research has continuously demonstrated acupuncture’s effectiveness when it comes to relieving various conditions and types of pain, including neck pain. Acupuncture has been found to be especially great for treating degenerative neck disorders such as ankylosing spondylosis and cervical spondylosis, as found by Chen et al. In this study, Chen et al. found that acupuncture is a valid form of treatment, and is especially effective when auricular acupuncture and body style acupuncture are used together. When these two styles were used collectively, 70% of subjects reported that they had recovered from their pain, while 26.67% felt the treatment was significantly effective.

    When it comes to pain relief in general, a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that acupuncture was more effective at treating chronic than over-the-counter or prescription pain medications, making it a highly attractive option for those wanting natural pain relief.

    Clearly, the more research that is conducted on acupuncture, the clearer it is that acupuncture is a legitimate treatment option for conditions such as neck pain. Of course, as with all medical practitioners, it is important to choose an acupuncturist that is experienced in treating the particular condition you are suffering from. In this case, trust an acupuncturist that has experience treating neck pain, as you can be sure they will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and tailor their treatment to you.

    Once you have sought acupuncture for your neck pain, there are ways you can prevent and manage the condition on your own. This includes being mindful of your sitting posture, especially avoiding hunching over your electronics, not sitting for extended periods, regularly exercising and stretching, as well as managing your stress.

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    We often neglect taking care of our necks and our spines in general. However, considering how much stress we put our bodies under every day, it’s vital to manage our pain and seek treatments such as acupuncture if problems arise, to ensure our wellness and longevity.

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    7 Extremely Simple Exercises For Improved Stamina And Libido

    Overview of libido and stamina

    A libido is basically your level of desire to have a sexual intercourse. To achieve a wonderful sex life, it’s a must for you to have a higher libido. There are many reasons behind losing a desire to have a sex.

    Some of the common reasons for low libido are stress, anxiety, low testosterone, chronic illness, sleep problems, aging, and more. Remember, the first thing you need to have a wonderful sex life is a higher level of libido. It also leads to a low frequency of sex with your partner, and it’s one of the major reasons for a divorce, according to the study.

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    On the other hand, stamina is the ability to go on and on with your physical and mental works. A higher level of stamina is needed for performing your day to day activities, whether it is your personal works or your professional works.  In order for you to satisfy your partner in the bed, you need to have a good stamina. With a higher stamina, you will be able to last long in the bed with your partner.

    Exercises to increase your libido and stamina

    There are numerous ways to increase your libido and stamina, and an exercise is one of them. Among many exercises, we have compiled some of the extremely simple exercises for you to help you improve your libido and stamina.


    The first exercise to start off the list is a squat. It’s a simple exercise, and I believe most of you have already tried out this exercise in the past. This exercise impacts most of the muscles in your body, which activates the hormone, resulting in a better sex drive. It also enhances the blood flow in the pelvic region, strengthening your lower body and increasing the quality of your orgasm. For the beginners, it’s better to perform a squat without adding weights, but you can add weight later after some weeks to increase the impact of the squat.


    It is one of the powerful exercises that can significantly enhance your stamina and endurance. Performing planks workouts your whole body muscles. You must keep your body straight to perform this exercise correctly. You can start this exercise with both arms, and then shift your whole weight to only one arm. You should repeat this exercise for at least a minute, to begin with. After a month of doing this exercise, you can slowly increase the duration. 

    Alternative Lunge

    Another great exercise to strengthen your lower body and to increase your stamina is an alternative lunge. It enhances the stability of your body and also develops your lower back and abdomen muscles. This exercise greatly enhances the level of testosterone in your body, leading to a better sex drive. You don’t need any kind of special equipment to perform this exercise. However, you may want to use dumbbells after some weeks to increase the impact of this exercise.

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    Repeat this exercise around 10 times to achieve a better result from this workout.

    Interval Training

    Interval training is a very easy workout to perform. It tremendously increases your endurance and stamina. This training can be performed anywhere you like—home, in your garden, on a park, in a treadmill.  This training starts with a little warm-up. After you are done with a warm-up, increase your speed and run as fast as you can for some time for at least 30 seconds. You can then slow down for a couple of minutes. Continue repeating this step for several times.

    However, HIIT workouts for a very long duration may decrease your sex drive as shown by the study.


    Kegels are one of the most popular exercises for enhancing sexual health of both genders. These exercises can also help in overcoming sexual dysfunction like an erectile dysfunction among men, according to the study. It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, and improves the flow of blood to your sexual organs. Performing Kegels regularly can greatly improve your sexual performance, which will help you in improving your overall sex life. 

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    If you want to build your muscles more quickly, then you can try out supplements like the Epic Male.


    The pushup is one of the most common exercises for both men and women. It strengthens your overall muscles in your upper body. This exercise is recommended for every person in the gym. A strong upper body will help you to last long in the bed with your partner. I believe you can easily perform pushups. For those people who have trouble performing regular push-ups can opt for knee pushups at first to slowly increase their strength.

    Perform around 3-4 sets of pushups with 15 or more reps each set.

    Leg raise

    The final exercise on the list to help you enhance your sex life is leg raise. The core strength lies in your lower back, middle, and abdomen area while performing this workout. Performing this exercise regularly will help you last longer in the bed with your partner due to increased stamina. You can start performing this exercise by lying on the ground with your legs straight. Your toes should be kept pointed and you should slowly start raising your legs. After you raise your legs up, hold it for some time, and then slowly bring it down. Repeat this step for some time.

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    You will feel a lot better with a better stamina and libido. A higher libido will ultimately lead to a better sex life, which will improve your overall health and your career as well. The study shows that a person with an active sex life is more likely to perform well in their workplace in comparison to those with a passive sex life. Make sure you add these exercises to your fitness routine to experience a tremendous boost in your stamina and libido. You can further improve your sex life by consuming top male enhancement supplements like the Virectin.

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    How to squat without destroying your knees? These 3 tips will solve your pain!

    Doing squats is just one of the numerous ways to burn calories and to have gains, but this one is really the spade of all the types of exercises. Being a spade means you need to invest more on how to do this right to obtain the best results that it can offer. Now, considering squatting as a spade, why do we still hear people hurting their knees whenever they do this? To avoid injuries such as this, and to enjoy more your workout sessions, this article will teach you how to squat without destroying your knees. 

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    3 Tips on How to Squat Without Destroying your Knees:

    1. Improve your posture/ squatting position. 

    The most obvious reason why you are in pain after doing some squats is that the parts of your body are not properly placed and lined. Before starting counting one, pay attention to your position. Here is a basic checklist on how to make sure that you are squatting in the right and best position:

    1. First, check the distance between your legs. Is it too wide or too narrow?
    2. Second, align your feet with your knees. Your feet support the weight of your knees.
    3. Third, ensure that you back is in a straight position.
    4. Lastly, always eye a good balance. 

    To help you check if you are doing squats in the right posture, ActivAided Orthotics designed a graphic for you:

    2. Watch the intensity of your performance. 

    The cause of knee pain is muscle fatigue. When you do squats, you are working on your lower body muscles–either you are into toning it down, or gaining up some more towards being a full percent hunk. However, getting that perfect shape needs time. With that, never rush the manner of gaining by doing too intense squats. 

    The intensity must depend on how long have you been doing squats. For instance, if you are doing this like three times a week, then you may increase the intensity by the following week to come up with more evident results. However, as mentioned earlier, do not rush. Rushing and doing this in full intensity is one of the most common reasons why you are destroying your knees while doing squats.

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    Aside from the number of times you squat in a minute, here is another important thing to consider when we talk about intensity:

    Remember not to squat too low or too deep. Make sure that the intensity of your squat is done slowly (intensity increases every time you work out) to avoid muscle fatigue.

    3. Wear a support. 

    If you think that you are in your best workout position or posture and that you are following a daily routine towards higher intensity workout, then the wrong might be in the way you protect yourself from your surroundings. How do we protect ourselves from possible injuries? This can be answered by simply checking what clothes are we wearing when doing our workout routines.

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    Some reminders in choosing what to wear when squatting:

    • Wear something that is not so tight. 
    • Pick the colors that motivate you to workout more.
    • Remember to put additional layers when the weather is cold.
    • Always consider your head. You have it avoid being hurt in the head.
    • Check on the quality of your cloth, and the fabric that used to make it. This matters because you sweat a lot, and you do not want to be distracted by this.
    • Wear clothes that are meant to support some parts of your body. For instance, ladies do wear a sports bra!

    Just like wearing a sports bra for women, we need to protect our knees as we depend our whole weight on it. How? Check out this article on construct muscles’ rating for the best knee sleeves this year!


    We all want to get gains, but we do not want to feel the pain. Is it possible? Indeed! Those tips mentioned above will answer your query on how to squat without destroying your knees!

    Always keep in mind that knee pain can be avoided if the three tips mentioned above will be considered before doing their next squatting activity. To know how to squat aka how to squat without destroying your knees properly, here’s Pop Sugar Fitness’ tutorial video to help you out!

    Squat for muscle gains and to burn calories? Make sure you do it the right way to avoid destroying your knees. Learned something from here? Share your insights below and ask your friends to read this too!

    Author bio: Gregory is a chief editor at ConstructMuscles.com. He spends half of my time on his blog while the other half on being a physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, he has been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. Stay Connected to him on Twitter

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    Losing Fat & Gaining Muscle at the Same Time

    How in the world did Chris Pratt go from that-chubby-guy from Parks and Recreation to the jaw-dropping cover of Men’s Health? If you feel like radical weight loss transformations are reserved for E! True Hollywood Stories, we are here to convince you otherwise.

    Sure, celebrities do have an unfair disadvantage: enough time and money to spend on personal trainers and food so exotic and expensive that most of us never even heard of it before. Still, even if you lack these privileges, it doesn’t mean the process of simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain should be labeled as mission impossible.


    Familiarizing with the laws of thermodynamics

    Whoever told you thermodynamics is the main reason gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time is impossible has probably never even read a word from the textbook, nor tried to reshape their figure. Namely, the very first law states that in order to build muscle, you must store energy – in order to lose fat, you need to burn energy; once you are in energy surplus, your body will store it – when you are in a deficit, your body will lose it.

    Confused? Let us rephrase it: what happens in your body is in thermodynamics called the movement of energy, or the conversion of energy, meaning that the energy from your body cannot disappear. However, this does not mean that in order to gain muscle, you must power up your body with energy, and to lose fat, you have to be in deficit. This is because fat and protein are two completely different compartments in your body, and it directs fat and muscle independently of each other.


    Cycling carbohydrate intake

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    First step is determining how many calories your body requires in a single day. Pick up a calculator and multiply your bodyweight with 15 (for instance, a 200-pound lifter needs about 3,000 calories).

    Next step requires choosing carefully what you are going to serve on your plate. Stephen Adele, world-renewed fitness coach, recommends 40/40/20 rule – 40% of calories should come from eating protein, 40% from carbs, while the remaining 20% has to come from fats.


    Fat and protein don’t cycle, but remain consistent over the course of the entire process. As calories and carbs are cycling first down and then up, your body finds itself in a short-term period of caloric deficit. At this time your fat is tapped for energy, so that when you enter a high-calorie period, that energy is used for building muscles.

    Remember to train antagonist muscle groups

    Supersetting means training opposing muscle groups, i.e. chest/back, biceps/triceps, and quads/hamstrings. The sets are quite intensive and it is highly recommended to rest after completing the movement on each part of the body. Nevertheless, remember that rest does not mean sitting on the bench; a superset should be followed with a minute of box squats, jumping rope, or any other activity that keeps your body moving. The idea is to deplete most of your glycogen levels, so when you move on to cardio, your body focuses only on burning fat.

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    Include the “big three” in your exercise routine

    Squats, bench presses and deadlifts are movements that produce the most effective results in a surprisingly short amount of time. However, you need to remember that these movements are reserved for a high-carb day, since your body requires energy to endure such intense workout.

    Stimulate and maximize the synthesis of protein

    When you are running low on calories, you need to compensate by fulfilling daily protein needs. To build muscle tissue, your body requires energy and protein. This means that you need to introduce whey protein powder into your diet and combine it with the energy that comes from your fat mass. As a result, you will experience a simultaneous muscle growth and weight loss. We have to admit that eating whole-food meals six times a day is difficult to manage, so it is always advisable to opt for supplements that will so conveniently fill the blanks between the meals.

    Finally, like a cherry on the top of the entire weight loss – muscle gain process, come bioactive peptides – they represent cleaved protein fragments which contain growth factors that are doing the heavy lifting in your muscle cells, triggering amino acids to accelerate the rate of protein synthesis. The faster the synthesis occurs, the faster the muscle will repair itself. Bioactive peptides are especially essential for those who are on a low-calorie diet, as they aid in maintaining and developing new body mass.

    The bottom line

    The process of losing fat while gaining muscle is a challenging one, but far from an unachievable goal. It all comes down to following several strict rules, some compromises, and a lot of pain and sweat. The success will not happen overnight, but by following a disciplined approach, you are bound to notice significant improvement in the near future.

    Do you have a weight loss/muscle gain story to share with us? Please do so in the comment section.

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    5 Muscles You Should Stop Ignoring for Ripped Physique

    The desire to get symmetrical and ripped physique keeps pushing you to exercise more, work harder, and do better each time you step into the gym. Who wouldn’t like to look like The Rock with ripped muscles and great attitude? While training to achieve this goal, we usually focus on certain muscles while others are unfairly neglected. However, to get a truly symmetrical physique and get the maximum from your workouts, it is time to pay more attention to these ignored muscles. To help you out, this article will feature five muscles we rarely train, but we should.

    1. Serratus Anterior

    The serratus anterior is a muscle that originates on the top surface of the eight or nine upper ribs. It is responsible for assisting the scapula in rotating and stabilizing it against the rib cage. In order to make this muscle truly visible, you have to be shredded or ripped. Of course, it’s not just about working out regularly; you also have to do exercises that activate serratus anterior. If you already have low body fat percentage, you can use pullovers and pulldowns to stretch this muscle. Keep in mind that stretching and growing serratus anterior are not the same things.

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    In order to truly make serratus anterior visible to contribute to your overall physique, you should do resistance or strength exercises. Besides helping you grow this muscle, these exercises can boost testosterone levels at the same time, evidence shows. Basically, they can function as top rated testosterone boosters. Perform exercises such as push-ups, rode pulls with a high pulley and other maneuvers of this type twice a week.

    1. Erector spinae

    Your erector spinae is a large muscle originating near the sacrum and extending vertically up the length of your back. The muscle works to straighten back and provides side-to-side rotation. When this muscle isn’t exercised properly, it can cause back pain. Along with poor athletic performance, back pain affects your sex life as well. Exercise helps us avoid injuries, improves both athletic and sexual performance, and poses as an effective erectile dysfunction treatment. While most of us work upper back and traps, we fail to activate the muscle that keeps us upright.

    So, how to activate erector spinae? You have several options including deadlift and stretching exercises such as Superman. Also, you can lie face down over back extension machine or fitness ball and place hands behind your head with elbows out to sides. Start raising torso slowly until your body forms a straight line and return to the starting position. Do three sets of 10-12 reps.

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    1. Brachialis

    The brachialis is a muscle located in the upper arm and lies underneath your biceps. Why target this muscle when working out? The answer is easy, the more active and bigger, the more this muscle pushes triceps and biceps further away. That way, it makes your arms look bigger, which is what you want to achieve anyway. Regular exercises for biceps can help you activate brachialis, but to get truly visible results you should do a few reps of overhand or neutral grip.

    Bear in mind that brachialis is a stubborn muscle and it will be trickier to make it visible, but with regular exercise, you can make it. Some bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use male enhancement products like PrimalX to speed up these results and make the stubborn muscles noticeable faster than ever.

    1. Tibialis anterior

    The tibialis anterior is a long, narrow muscle located in the anterior compartment of the lower leg. It functions as a dorsiflexor of the foot by pulling the top (dorsum) of the foot toward the shin. Failing to activate and strengthen this muscle can increase your risk of injury and pain due to the fact that this muscle plays a crucial role in walking, running, and sprinting.

    The best way to activate tibialis anterior is to do stretching exercises that target this muscle. For example, you can sit on a chair with feet flat on the ground and raise your toes (without lifting heels off the floor) for about 8-10 times. Do this exercise 2-3 times a week. You can also do a kneeling TA stretch: kneel on your knees with legs several inches apart. Flex your knees and lean backward moving your butt toward calves until you feel a stretch through the front of lower legs and thighs. Stay in that position for 10-30 seconds and release.

    1. Forearm extensors

    Basically, this is a group of muscles that are responsible for gripping heavy things. Weak forearm extensors decrease your ability to train larger muscles and it has a negative impact on your athletic performance. Yes, dietary supplements like Elevate IGF can help you get stronger and more resilient muscles, but you also have to exercise and make some effort too. Besides grip strength, targeting forearm extensors helps you improve the appearance of your arms and work perfectly with bigger biceps too.

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    You can strengthen your forearms with stretching exercises as well as more demanding maneuvers including barbell wrist curls, cable reverse curls, dumbbell hammer curls, and others. Also, try squeezing and releasing tennis ball while watching TV.


    In order to achieve a certain body goal, we target and activate certain muscles only, while others are neglected. Unfortunately, failing to activate those muscles affects your athletic performance and even your sex life, in the case of pain and injury. This article presented five muscles that we usually ignore and useful ways to activate them. Feel free to consult a fitness trainer who will give you more useful tips and tricks to target these muscles without risking an injury.

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    9 Reasons you should Exercise regularly to look Younger

    Humans were not meant to live sedentary lifestyles but, thanks to modern technology, we are continuously reducing our moving radius and concentrate less on being physically active. However, it has long been established that physical exercise is one of the main activities that helps us stay young and maintain a healthy appearance. If you are still looking for reasons why you should work out, you have arrived at the perfect resource. Keep on reading and discover no less than nine reasons for which you should exercise on a regular basis.

    #1 Healthy weight

    Physical exercise is one of the best ways to stay in shape, especially when it is performed on a regular basis. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance, it is recommended to choose different types of workouts or engage in various sports (swimming, running, jogging etc.). Both diet and exercise are highly useful to those who want to look good, for as long as it is possible. From a health-related perspective, working out can keep your heart young and your muscles in good shape. Many studies have highlighted the importance of physical exercise with regard to body weight, including one published in the Wiley Online Library.

    #2 Better mood

    If you regularly find yourself in a bad mood, consider working out more often. Physical exercise is beneficial for both the body and the mind, providing what is known as a natural high. Basically, when you are physically active, endorphins are released throughout the entire body. These are actually chemicals which have a positive effect on your mood, allowing you to feel better in an instant. For this reason, physical exercise is recommended to those who suffer from depression and anxiety, as it is shown in a study published by Springer. In the end, when you feel good, you also look good (and definitely younger). 

    #3 Improved skin health & appearance

    You might not be aware of this for a fact but physical exercise can do wonders for your skin, delaying the actual aging process. When you work out on a regular basis, you are toning the skin and preventing the appearance of common aging signs, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Of course, this does not mean you should stop using skin care products, such as anti-wrinkle creams, as each has its purpose. In an article published by Harvard Health Publications, we are brought to the same conclusion, meaning that the aging process can be delayed through physical exercise.

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    #4 Confidence & self-esteem

    The fact that physical exercise makes us feel better is not exactly a secret. But did you know that working out can also be beneficial for your confidence and/or self-esteem levels? This is quite important, because there are a lot of people who are dealing with such issues on a regular basis and they are at a loss when it comes to actual solutions. When you feel confident, you also look your best. The fact that exercise can improve self-esteem has been confirmed in numerous studies, including one published in BJ Sport Med.

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    #5 Energy

    Physical exercise gives you energy, helping you deal with the unnerving fatigue sensation. This is also reflected at the level of the skin, as people who work out regularly also have a young-looking appearance. They do not suffer from a tired or dull appearance, which is often seen in those who choose a sedentary lifestyle. The connection between physical exercise and energy balance has been revealed in an informative brochure developed by the National Heart Foundation of Australia.

    #6 Stress Relief

    Whether you go running or prefer swimming, it is guaranteed that physical exercise will help you relieve some of the accumulated stress and tension. This is more important than you might think, as physical stress can actually make you look older. Physical exercise is a great way to get rid of stress hormones, so do not hesitate to give it a try. This beneficial effect has been highlighted by various studies, including one published in Scientific Research.

    #7 Better sleep

    If you are dealing with insomnia, you should think about engaging in physical exercise on a daily basis. A good workout can also help you rest peacefully throughout the night, which, in turn, will help you look better in the morning. The lack of sleep can have devastating effects on the health of your skin, so make sure that physical activity becomes a staple. The effects of physical activity on sleep and general well-being have been confirmed in a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

    #8 Elimination of toxins

    A number of factors, including eating certain foods, not sleeping properly and spending too much time on a chair, can lead to the accumulation of toxins within the body. This is often reflected in the health of the skin, causing us to look older than we really are. When we engage in physical exercise, we also sweat, thus eliminating these harmful toxins and improving our overall appearance. According to a study published in Symbiosis, physical exercise can lead to the awakening of the sweat glands, which is beneficial for the entire body.

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    #9 Healthy Glow

    If you have ever taken a look at those who work on a regular basis, you have probably seen how amazing their skin looks. This is because physical exercise can lead to a healthy glow at the level of the skin, due to its natural benefits over general health. If you are interested in having luxurious skin as well, you should consider adding physical exercise to your daily to-do list. According to a report developed by the World Health Organization, physical activity is one of the best ways to prevent age-associated skin conditions.

    These are some of the most important reasons for which you should consider working out on a regular basis. If you want to look and feel younger, it is highly important to be physically active and avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. 

    Author Bio-

    Meighan Sembrano is an enthusiast and passionate writer. She is a contributor to Consumer Health Digest. She is expertise in Beauty and skin care articles. Also, have contributed in the health and fitness field. Her work gives an enthusiast twist to the readers. She resonates the readers with her straightforward and thoughtful words. You can follow Meighan on Twitter and Facebook.

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    For Stronger Abs, Add This 2-Minute Ab Workout to your Routine

    It is believed that having a six-pack is only achievable if you put a lot of effort in it. And what if they follow simple rules that helped them to pump up beautiful abs? Only a few effective recommendations and their implementation will help you to get fit in no time!

    Major Errors When Training

    Many myths have developed about the workout for abs. Perhaps, these myths carry guilt for the fact that only small number of people succeed in getting these cherished abs. Not to step on these rakes, let’s list these myths with a detailed explanation.

    Myth 1: Exercises For The Abs to Remove The Fat From The Waist

    A lot of people think that if fat deposits are in a specific location (e.g., the abdomen), and exercises need to be specifically for that area. In fact, the fat goes away gradually from the entire body if you spend more calories than getting.

    Why only abdomen-exercises for weight loss are a bad idea? Those exercises are little help regarding calorie-burning. For example, 20 lifts from a lying position burn only seven calories, while Big from McDonald’s contains approximately 570 calories. Don’t you even try to count how many you need to do to burn that amount of calories?

    Myth 2: A Large Number of Repetitions Lead to Perfect Abdomen

    Abs are no different from other muscles in your body. Therefore the principles of workout should be the same. You don’t do 100 curls to make your biceps bigger. So why do it for abs? The same number of repetitions that you do for other muscle groups (no more than 15) is also suitable for abs.

    Another nice addition to getting perfect abs is the fact that these exercises (if done right) are quite some help when it comes to different types of arthritis.


    Myth 3: Abdominal Muscles Need A Daily Workout

    You don’t need to work out more than 3 times a week to have a perfect abdomen. Give your muscles at least a day of rest. Like most of the muscles in our, abdominal muscles consist of two types of fiber: fast and slow. The slow ones are responsible for the maintenance of the posture and power of endurance. Fast fibers allow you to make a drastic effort like in the case of abs-exercises.

    Myth 4: Several Exercises Are Enough

    The more diverse set of exercises you perform, the better and faster you can get a result. This is because the abdominal muscles adapt quicker if you run the same set of exercises. Don’t push yourself too much and these exercises will even give you some arthritis joint pain relief. 

    Myth 5: Performing Abdominal Exercises While Without A Diet Can Still Give Good Results

    Theoretically, it is possible if you don’t have any extra weight, you do not overeat and perform physical activities daily. However, the most effective way to a cherished six-pack is to “beat” fat on every front – the result will be forthcoming.

    How To Start The Path To Beautiful Abs?

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    Motivation is your key to success. The main point here is the more specific your goal, the more likely you’ll achieve it. Saying: “I want to have a beautiful abs” is not enough. Such a statement is too vague. But if you take a photo of some nice-shaped abs, and tell yourself “ This is what I want to achieve,” results will come quicker.

    You also need to set an intermediate and short-term goal. An example for a short-term goal can be: “I want to train regularly, normalize my diet.”

    For the intermediate target, you can select a specific parameter of your body (e.g., waist size or weight) that needs to be changed in the specific time slot.

    Next step is to start developing some basic exercises for abdominal muscles that you are the most comfortable with.

    Basic Exercises For Abs

    The best part about here is that not only are these exercises easy to do, but they also do not require too much time, meaning they are perfect for those of you with not enough time for regular gym sessions. They can easily be done at home, in front of TV. Put on your favorite show and get on with it. Not only will these exercises improve your body, a little physical activity before going to bed will also help you sleep better.

    Exercise 1: Lift bent legs while lying on your back

    Exercise 2: Lift upper body to the left and right while lying on your back and touch your knees

    Exercise 3: Lift upper body forward while lying on your back

    Exercise 4: Lift your hands and legs while lying on your stomach

    Exercise 5: Balancing on your hands and toes, lift your whole body and hold it in the straight line for some time


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    Don’t forget that it’s always easier said than done. So don’t get disappointed if you don’t see any changes after a week of regular exercises: it takes some time for your body to adapt to new physical activities and start to change.

    Anyone can do it. The only thing is distinguishing those, who succeeded from those, who didn’t, is the strength of their desire to achieve something!

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    Myotherapy The Alternative of Painful Musculoskeletal Surgery

    Every individual suffers from some kind or other musculoskeletal problems. Such problems are associated with mild to severe pain and very often immobility. Various forms of treatment are available if you have any such condition. In most of the serious and chronic cases, surgery is the last option to get rid of the trouble. But, surgery! Oh, no, that is a very painful procedure and that require hospitalization. All these must be your concern. You need not worry; you can be cured with an effective alternative to surgery. Yes. You can undergo myotherapy under a well-trained and most practicing myotherapist.

    What Is Myotherapy?


    Well, the therapy is defined as a branch of manual therapy, which is focused on treating and rehabilitating patients from musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. The therapy is applied very successfully in treating acute, chronic cases and as well as in preventive managements. The therapy was developed by Bonnie Pruden, an American, in the year 1976 and proved to be very effective and curative therapy for all types of musculoskeletal conditions resulted due to poor biomechanics, improper posture, and injuries, including sports injury.

    A trained myotherapist takes into account all of the aspects including occupational and psychological apart from physical condition, of a patient while treating him. You can avert surgery by opting for myotherapy.

    Which Specific Conditions Are Successfully Treated?

    All most all neuro and musculoskeletal conditions are treated with great success rate. Following are some of the conditions with which patients frequently visits a myotherapy clinics:

    • Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow.
    • Shoulder dislocation
    • Knee injuries.
    • Wryneck, neck pains, and Headaches.
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    • Muscle strains and sprains.
    • Lower back pain.
    • Tendonitis.
    • Neuromuscular spasms.

    What Are Treatment Procedures?

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    This is a non-invasive procedure of relieving pain associated with nerve, muscle, bone, tendon, ligament all other related soft tissues of the body part you have the problem. The therapy covers following points:

    • A thorough history of the patient.
    • Assessment of gait and movements.
    • Close observations of all associated tissues and organs by palpation.
    • Clinical tests from orthopaedic and neurologic point of view.
    • Assessment of postures.

    Most part of the therapy is carried out using hands-on techniques. Such manual techniques include massaging and application of focused pressure by palms, fingers, knuckles, and elbows. Application of cold, heat, Uses of ultrasound, lasers, infrared rays, TEN machines, rehabilitation aids are common for a successful corrective myotherapy.

    Other procedures include:

    • Active and passive muscle stretching.
    • Muscle energy techniques or METS.
    • Acupressure.
    • Acupuncture or dry needling.
    • Cupping.

    Treatment sessions last for an hour or so. And you may expect to feel result of the therapy after two to three such sessions.

    How Beneficial The Therapy Is?

    Well, when you are examined by a reputed myotherapist and the cause of your problem is established, successful treatment and reduction of symptoms are the matter of few sessions of myotherapy with your cooperation. The guidance and advice by the therapist will prevent the occurrence of such trouble for you in future. In fact, it is always better to go for corrective myotherapy in case you have any kind of pain or advised surgery to eliminate pain and swelling, acute or chronic. You may be advised to take care of certain issues at your own to prevent recurrence or developing similar problems on your other body part.

    What Would Be My Role In The Therapy?

    You may be advised to do hot compress, apply cold pack, posture corrections, and change in lifestyle, stretching, and exercises. All these are the part of treatment and prevention that you can do at your home or at office, without visiting the clinic every day. The therapist may teach you how to do meditation, and also teach you relaxation techniques, and self-massaging procedures, those are valuable from health point of view.

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    So, you should prefer corrective myotherapy over surgery as the therapy is non-invasive and you need not remain bedridden with loads of medicines, those inevitably have serious side effects on your body.

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    An Abs Workout That Will Help Increase Your Low Testosterone Levels


    Are you struggling with low testosterone levels and the health issues that they bring to you? Are you having problems with low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low stamina, etc.? If you are reading this article, your answer is probably yes. However, we feel the need to congratulate you on taking the first step towards recognizing your problem and looking for help. The best idea is to seek professional help. However, we can help you as well by sharing some of the more traditional remedies. One particularly efficient remedy that we have on our minds is regular exercising. It is because all types of exercise have been shown to cause an increase in the testosterone levels. However, you cannot possibly try all types of workouts at once. And that is why we are going to talk about certain abs exercises that will help increase your low testosterone levels but also help you get your body ready for the beginning of the summer. But first, do you know what causes your low testosterone levels?

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    The causes behind low testosterone levels

    The truth is that we do not know what causes low testosterone levels in your case since there is not one exact cause for it. Instead of there are some causes for low testosterone levels and the health issues such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. that we mentioned earlier. In this group, we can mention depression, anxiety, stress and obesity as the most common causes for low testosterone levels. But if you seek professional help, your doctor will be able to determine the exact cause in your case and address it with a particular efficient treatment plan that will help you to go back to normal as soon as possible. Until then, you can also do things for yourself, such as exercising, or doing an abs workout, in particular, to increase your chances of getting better in no time.

    The abs workout that will increase your testosterone levels

    As we mentioned before, all types of workouts stimulate the production of testosterone, however, the most efficient ones are thought to be the high-intensity training such as abs workout among the other workouts. But there are some abs exercises that you can do, and in a moment like this, especially if you are new to exercising, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and confused trying to find the best exercises. And that is why we are here. We are going to discuss the best abs exercises that are supposed to help you tone your body and increase your testosterone levels at the same time. Let’s start!

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        The bicycle crunch – No special equipment is necessary to perform this exercise, which means that you can either do it at home or the gym. What made us think of this exercise is the fact that it addresses three key areas and those are the upper and lower abs and your obliques as well.

        The cross crunch – Another perfect exercise that you can do at home without the need of any special equipment except maybe your favorite yoga mat. This is a very safe and easy exercise to perform which will make you love exercising even more. Again, it is an exercise that affects your obliques, your rectus abdominals, and your lower abs as well. Talk about a perfect exercise!

        The flutter kick – Your middle and upper abs will feel the stimulation from doing this exercise. However, it is your lower abs that will be completely exhausted after your workout with the flutter kick included. This is an especially beneficial exercise for those of you out there who are interested in swimming. Plus, it will improve your lower core strength as an addition to your stronger abs.

        The situp and throw – This is an exercise that allows you to use your ball and have a bit of fun especially if you are doing this exercise with a partner. It will allow you to go back to the good old days when you played with your favorite ball. No special ball is needed if that is what you were thinking. Just your favorite one, a lot of motivation and good mood!

        The plank – This is one of our most favorite exercises since it is the one that addresses so many muscle groups such as your abs, back muscles, arms muscles, shoulder muscles, legs muscles and especially your harms things. Do not get us wrong, using a proper testosterone booster such as The Elevate IGF is always welcomed, but doing a few planks a day will surely help the process of boosting your testosterone levels.

        The arms-high partial situp – It may seem easy to do it, but that until you try it. However, do not let this discourage you. This is a very efficient exercise that you will be glad that you have added as a part of your workout routine. Should we even mention that you do not need any equipment once again? Up until now, all the exercises that we mentioned do not require any equipment and are easy to perform at home. So money and time should not be your excuse in this case. This is probably the cheapest treatment option out there. Not to mention the great toned body that you will get from performing these exercises.

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    Low testosterone levels can lead you to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem if left untreated. But you can change that by taking a better care of your health. Changing your diet, quitting smoking and excessive drinking and relieving stress are some good ways to naturally increase your low testosterone levels. Taking some of the top male enhancement pills such as Virectin is another. But what about exercising? And abs workout in particular? Why not use the previously mentioned and exercises to increase your testosterone levels, improve your health, increase your self-confidence and get your body ready for the beginning of summer? Do not hesitate to make the necessary changes in your life in order to improve it!

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    7 Body Hacks to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels


    Low testosterone levels and the health problems that are caused by it are so common nowadays. There are men of all ages affected desperately looking for a cure. And although there are some treatment options that their doctors recommend, not all men are interested in using different medications, but they are more fond of using natural remedies. That is exactly what brought us to you. in need of finding a treatment that would work, we found what we like to call the 7 ultimate body hacks that are supposed to increase your testosterone levels and by that help you overcome all the health problems such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. that are commonly caused by your low testosterone levels. But first, let’s answer to what it is probably the most common question among all men – what causes low testosterone levels?

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    What can cause low testosterone levels?

    Unfortunately, there is no one right answer to this question. What may cause low testosterone level for you, may not cause for someone else. This means that there are some causes guilty for causing low testosterone levels. These causes include stress, smoking, excess alcohol intake, old age, cardiovascular diseases, depression, and anxiety. And if you have visited your doctor, you probably know that finding out the exact cause is part of the treatment. It is because that will able your doctor to recommend a treatment plan that will address the cause and cure it, making your testosterone levels to go back to normal. This can prevent the various health issues that we mentioned before such as low libido and erectile dysfunction as the most common ones. But as a part of the treatment, there are different things that you can do yourself to make sure that your testosterone levels are rising with each day. Let’s discuss the 7 most effective hacks.

    The 7 body hacks to increase your testosterone levels

    1.    Exercise – Regular exercise is the best way to keep your body healthy and strong. But also your mind relaxed and calm. By exercising regularly, you can help yourself to improve your overall health, but most importantly to increase your testosterone levels by following a resistance exercise plan which is confirmed to have a positive effect by increasing your testosterone levels according to a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine. You can find various videos online and perform your workout at home, or you can join the gym and embrace the team spirit.

    2.    Lose weight – Obesity brings its risks such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, etc. but also the risk of low testosterone levels. There is a scientific evidence provided through a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism that shows how weight loss is related to increased levels of the reproductive hormones among men, and you probably know that testosterone is the main reproductive hormone among men. And if you have taken our advice on trying resistance exercising and combining that with what we are going to tell you next, you should not have any problem with losing those unwanted body pounds.

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    3.    Reconsider your diet – From now on you should watch out as higher amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables should be introduced to your diet as well as fish and meat, but not red meat. Artificial sweeteners should be removed as much as possible and replaced with the healthy sugars that are contained in the fresh fruit.

    4.    Increase your intake of Vitamin D3 and Zinc – Vitamin D3 is especially important to be introduced through your diet and supplements if needed since it is the only vitamin that our body is incapable of producing. And if you wonder why it is so important that you intake the daily recommended amounts of Vitamin D3, it is because it has the ability to increase your testosterone levels. As for Zinc, it has been shown to cause an increase in the testosterone levels among men with testosterone deficiency. So gather your beans, nuts, seafood and dairy products and let your body absorb all the zinc that it needs.

    5.    Start using a quality testosterone booster – Why not start using a testosterone booster made using only natural ingredients such as Prime Male is? Most of the testosterone boosters not only do increase your testosterone levels but also increase your strength, energy levels, stamina, and libido. However, always make sure that you do your research and consult your doctor before trying anything on your own.

    6.    Eliminate the stress – When your body is under a lot of stress, it starts releasing cortisol which is a hormone that blocks the effects of testosterone, causing various symptoms to occur. So what you would want to do is to eliminate your stress levels as much as you can. And you can successfully do that with the help of yoga and meditation as the most efficient techniques. In addition, yoga has been shown to not only calm your body and mind but also improve your reproductive health by improving your sperm count, mobility, quality, and fertility.

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    7.    Have more sex – It was confirmed that the sexual intercourse has the ability to cause a peak in men’s testosterone levels. So what more do you need to hear? Go ahead and spend more time enjoying with your loved one and feel as your testosterone levels are rising.


    Low testosterone levels can cause various difficulties in your everyday life if you do nothing about them. So why not change that and try some of our ultimate body hacks that we have shared with you? You will quickly realize that exercising, improving your diet, trying some of the top male enhancement pills such as Virectin is and the rest of the body hacks will help you to increase your testosterone levels and make all the problems that have been caused by it go away in no time. Do not be afraid to take the first step towards improving your life. These may seem as small steps, but all of them have been confirmed to have the ability to improve your health, and you should not pass on this offer.

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    Cute Win Geeky WoW


    Aiming to become more active and toned? Building muscle strength is the key! It’s surprising how willing we are to train all day and exercise to our full potential but completely reject the idea of a nutritional diet. A strong cellular growth system and effective wound healing are prerequisites to build up of stronger muscles and can’t be achieved without a balanced diet to complement it. One can train all day but if the food being eaten isn’t the right type, it will take forever to reach the desired goal.

    Most people think they’ve cracked the code for strength by confusing protein as the most powerful dietary element for muscle toning but neglect the fact that potassium, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D are equally important. Another rampant misconception is that one is required to abandon all that which suits their taste buds in order to achieve fitness. This is no longer true, thanks to updated levels of research on human anatomy and bodily functions. You are no longer required to follow monotonous rules when it comes to your daily diet! Here are some attractive food secrets that you can choose from without adhering to the boring routine of protein rich meals.


    It is said that a breakfast without eggs is no breakfast at all. There is a good reason that half of the people around the world consider egg to be the best for breakfast and a component of various other meals during the day as well. A common misunderstood notion is that eating the whites only is healthier but the yolk too is a good source of calcium and protein.

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    Eggs are fully loaded with cholesterol which is typically thought of as a very evil ingredient if seen from the view point of someone who wants a perfect body image but the fact is, it provides a lot of benefits such as maintaining testosterone levels and the integrity of muscle cell membranes.

    You will see a lot more strength and muscle in people who consume 3 whole eggs per day compared to those who have only one egg per day. Moreover, not only are eggs tasty but can be cooked in many different ways suited to individual tastes.

    2. JELL-O

    Delightfully surprised? According to Brian St. Pierre, a nutrition coach, Jell-O is composed of gelatin which is made from connective tissue of animals. Eating it is great for muscle strength and will boost your tendons and ligaments.


    Another pleasant secret is that orange juice is a great food item to increase muscular strength. A cup provides more than sufficient amount of Vitamin C for your daily dose of structural strength while also enriching your body’s calcium and Vitamin D content. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check the labels of the juice you buy to ensure how many minerals and vitamins you’re about to intake.

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    No, we are not pulling your leg! A study published in The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism suggests that chocolate milk is more effective than any other carb-replacement beverage. Its natural electrolytes keep you hydrated while energizing your muscles. It is also considered good for muscle recovery since it is a source of protein, vitamin D as well as calcium while the sugar acts as a stimulant.


    It wouldn’t be an overstatement to label potatoes universally loved. They are fiber and Vitamin C rich, filled with vital nutrients that help balance glucose levels. Potatoes have a high potassium content and reduced fat if skinned. This vegetable has 25% of the requirement your body needs for strengthened muscle tissue.

    Research suggests that the energy one needs to recover from exercise comes from carbohydrates and for that sweet potatoes are highly recommended since they are jammed with nutritional elements.

    If you want to improve your muscle strength but find the idea of a strict protein diet daunting, banish your fears with these amazing food secrets! Also note that training alone will not take you to that level and neither the wrong type of food. Avoid anything that will give you only fat and not strength such as greasy, fried food. However, relishing the street food Dubai or an occasional trip to the Falafel Operation Dubai restaurant can do little harm. 

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    10 Ways To Improve Your Health And Stamina

    Are you interested in improving your general state of health? Do you want to increase your stamina levels but you are not sure how? If you have provided an affirmative answer to either one of these two questions, you should keep on reading this article. In the following paragraphs, you will discover no less than ten interesting ways, in which you can improve both your health and stamina. These suggestions are quite easy to follow, so do not hesitate to give all of them a try.

    #1 Grow your garden

    At first, this might seem like a simple activity, without requiring too much work. However, as your garden grows and the plants begin to develop, you will see that a lot of physical energy is necessary. Gardening is a beautiful hobby, one that has plenty of benefits to offer in return. It requires that you spend a considerable amount of time in the open outdoors, taking in all that fresh air. Moreover, it helps you engage in physical exercise, without actually being aware of such an effort (hence the increased stamina).


    #2 Nature Walk

    Nature walks are great, allowing you to fill your lungs with fresh air and do some physical exercise at the same time. People who go on regular nature walks have healthier hearts, keeping the risk of heart attacks at a minimum. Moreover, nature walks are more than recommended for those who have arthritis, improving their overall health. Talk to your doctor and request more information about arthritis and the available methods for improving your condition.

    #3 Housework

    You might not be aware of this for a fact, but the truth is that doing housework is more rewarding than you might think. On the one hand, it helps you accomplish a task, which will contribute to the release of happiness hormones at the level of the brain. On the other hand, it represents a complete workout, one that helps you burn a lot of calories and increase your current stamina. People who do housework on a regular basis are healthier, both physically and mentally.

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    #4 Mountain biking

    Granted, mountain biking is not for everyone. But, if you are up for it, you are in for a real treat. Mountain biking is one of the best ways to engage in physical exercise while enjoying the relaxing panorama of the mountains. You can opt for a beginner’s course or settle for something more advanced, depending on your current level of fitness. Just keep in mind that this is the kind of activity that allows you to benefit from physical exercise and nature at the same time.

    #5 Sexual intercourse

    Having sexual intercourse on a regular basis is one of the best ways to stay healthy. By nature, we are sexual beings, and it is practically impossible to deny our sexuality. Take time out of your busy schedule and rekindle the flame of passion with your partner. Sexual intercourse makes you feel a whole lot better, both mentally and physically. There are also exercises to improve sexual stamina that you can try so that you can make your partner even more satisfied.

    #6 Laughter

    Remember the old saying: “Laughter is the best medicine”? Well, this saying is just as valid today, as it was decades ago. It has been confirmed by numerous specialists that laughter relaxes us, stimulating the release of serotonin and dopamine at the level of the brain. When we laugh, we trick our brains, and we feel better all of a sudden. Laughter is also great physical exercise, burning an impressive number of calories.

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    #7 Food from nature

    The supermarket might seem like a paradise for the shopping enthusiast hidden inside you, but it is also filled with processed and packaged foods. If you want to improve your overall health and stamina as well, you need to consume more foods that come directly from nature. Visit local farms and farmer’s markets, discovering fruits and vegetables that are 100% natural. These are rich in vitamins and minerals, allowing you to stay healthy for as long as it is possible.

    #8 Yoga

    Yoga remains one of the best practices you can engage in, so as to maintain an excellent state of health. It helps you increase the flexibility of your body, strengthening the muscles and re-aligning all of the body segments. At the same time, it is a great workout for the mind, allowing you to feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself. The more you practice yoga, the better you feel, enjoying your newfound activity.

    #9 Water-based activities

    With summer having just started, you have a wide range of water-based activities to choose from. You can go swimming, kite surfing or try kayaking for the first time in your life. Water-based activities provide excellent opportunities for physical training, allowing you to enjoy enhanced stamina levels. Moreover, water has a relaxing effect on the mind, eliminating all stress and accumulated worries.

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    #10 Dance

    Dancing is not only something to occupy your spare time with, but it also offers a complete physical workout. No matter what kind of dancing you prefer, it is guaranteed you will have the time of your life. You can opt for salsa, cha-cha or jive, but the important thing is that you have fun and dance on a regular basis. With the passing of time, you will see that your body has become fit and that you are also feeling better, from a mental point of view. Dancing is a great way to fight against chronic stress, depression, and anxiety, so go for it.

    These are only a couple of ways in which you can improve your health and stamina. Keep in mind that an activity should always be beneficial for both the body and the mind. Physical exercise is important for the general health but so is the relaxation of the mind. All of the above suggestions will bring you the much-desired peace, so be sure to give them a try.

    Author Bio:

    Sophie Addison is a popular blogger and skincare expert. She is very passionate about writing on skincare and beauty. She has posted articles on tips for fine lines and wrinkles, joint pain treatment, weight loss and fitness news. Apart from work she likes gardening and listening music. You can also contact her on Facebook, and Pinterest.

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