10 Kegel Exercises That Will Make You Boost Your Endurance Level

Kegel exercises are defined as simple clench-and-release maneuvers that work to strengthen muscles in the pelvis. Although usually associated with women, Kegel exercises are beneficial for men too. Reasons, why men should do these exercises, are numerous including an amazing boost in endurance. This post sheds some light on Kegels for men and lists 10 exercises to start doing today.

Benefits of Kegel exercises for men

The goal of Kegels for men is to strengthen pelvic floor muscles which support the bowel, bladder, and sexual function. As men age, their pelvic floor muscles weaken, thus leading to incontinence of both feces and urine, especially if a man also undergoes a prostate surgery.

Not only do Kegels strengthen pelvic floor muscles, but their benefits also extend to erection quality. A study whose findings were published in the British Journal of General Practice revealed men who practice Kegel’s experience a significant increase in erectile function, meaning these maneuvers can be of huge help for men who struggle with ED (erectile dysfunction). 

Benefits of doing Kegels include:

    Ejaculation control

    Endurance boost

    Help with leaks and incontinence

    Improved force of ejaculation

    Improved strength and size of erections

    Intense orgasms

    Learning to relax the right muscles during sex

Let’s not forget Kegels are discrete and can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Identifying pelvic floor muscles

To get all the amazing benefits Kegel exercises provide, it is necessary to identify pelvic floor muscles. Although this seems easy, most men (and women) make mistakes here. The most effective way for men to identify pelvic floor muscles is to insert a finger into the rectum and try to squeeze it without tightening the muscles of abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

For men who are reluctant to try this method, there is another option – tense the muscles that keep you from passing gas. In addition, practice stopping the flow of urine. After identifying these muscles, you are ready to start practicing. Here are 10 useful Kegels.

1.    Flutter technique

Flutter technique is one of the most popular Kegel exercises for men, when executed properly this exercise improves control over pelvic floor muscle. In addition, flutter technique gives a major boost to endurance levels. In the beginning, don’t expect to do a lot of reps because you are still working on stamina. With regular practice, it gets easier to do multiple reps.

To do flutter technique Kegel exercise, it is necessary to clench and unclench quickly. Start with 10 reps, then take a 10-second break before proceeding to the next set of additional 10 reps. Strive to do the exercise several times a day. It is even better to vary the rest periods as well from 5 to 15 seconds.

2.    Squeeze and hold

This is a more challenging exercise; it tests willpower and builds up the strength of the pelvic floor muscle. To do the squeeze and hold technique, start by squeezing the pelvic floor muscles tightly and hold.

Once the muscles are squeezed, don’t release them immediately but strive to let them stay clenched for a certain period of time or as long as you can hold. Bearing in mind this method is on the challenging side, doing three reps per set is enough for a start.

Do it three to four times a week and increase the number of reps when getting comfortable with the current amount.

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3.    Combination method

Combination method is just that, a combo of two different types of Kegels. For instance, this technique can include doing flutter technique with five rapid clenches, then squeezing tightly the last one and holding.

Combining different Kegels into a unique exercise strengthens pelvic floor muscles even more and provides optimal stamina and endurance. Couple this technique with male enhancement supplements for optimal effects.

When buying these products ensure they are safe and effective by checking reviews and customer experiences. For instance, Virectin reviews are all positive and confirm its status as #1 supplement for male sexual health.

TIP: Above are mentioned flutter and squeeze and hold techniques, but combination method can comprise of just about any other Kegels. Feel free to experiment!

4.    Random flexing style

Random flexing style exercise is a great way to test whether the control of ejaculatory muscles has improved. It is somewhat similar to the combination method; it entails performing about ten flutters to get a rhythm and then start with a squeeze and hold technique. Don’t be alarmed if the exercise seems difficult to perform, with regular practice it will get easier.

5.    Progressive Kegels

This method belongs to the group of more advanced Kegels, but provide more benefits like greater ejaculatory control, stronger erections, more control over bladder i.e. incontinence.

To perform progressive Kegels, squeeze pelvic floor muscles and hold them for about five seconds. Then, squeeze harder and hold for additional five seconds. Without releasing, squeeze as hard as you can and hold, again, for five seconds.


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