10 Kegel Exercises That Will Make You Boost Your Endurance Level

It’s time to reverse the process now! Loosen the clench a little bit, hold for five seconds, loosen more, hold for five seconds, and then release entirely.

At the beginning, start with one set of five reps, and increase the number of reps as it gets easier to perform.

6.    Rapid motion


Rapid motion is a more advanced variation of flutter technique. Benefits of this maneuver include increased blood flow and strengthening pelvic floor muscles faster for better endurance. With its ability to improve stamina and blood flow, it works perfectly with testosterone boosters like Prime Male.

In order to do this exercise, flex and release pelvic floor muscles as fast as you can. Repeat the process and make a fluttery motion. Start with five reps and increase the number gradually. Ideally, work your way up to 20 reps of rapid motion Kegel exercise.

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7.    Pull-ins

Pull-in Kegels are quite simple and revolve around think of pelvic floor muscles as a sort of vacuum. Then, proceed to tense the buttocks and pull the legs inwards. Stay in this position for about five seconds and release. Perform this Kegel regularly and start with 10 reps.

8.    Rhythmic exercise

This particular Kegel exercise involves coordinating flexes with music. Since it is an advanced maneuver, it will be easier to perform it once you gain experience and endurance with Kegels.

Create a playlist with songs varying in tempo and flex in the rhythm of the music as if you’re dancing with pelvic floor muscles. Whenever it seems like muscles are getting tired, take a break of a few seconds and continue.



9.    Tent pitcher aka weighted Kegel

Weighted Kegel exercise can be a part of foreplay with a significant other or performed alone, but erection is necessary. Stand up straight with an erection and flex pelvic floor muscles. While flexing, the penis will rise and fall.

When comfortable with flexing motion, take a washcloth or a sock and place it over the end of the penis. Continue with Kegels, strive to do 10-20 flexes this way. To add more weight, use wet sock or washcloth.

10.     Mini thrust

This Kegel exercise is performed during sex. Not only it helps build endurance and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, but it also ensures sexual satisfaction. When inside of her, start contracting pelvic floor muscles. She will feel thrusting sensation. Ideally, your wife or girlfriend should do women’s Kegels as well once you release.


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Kegel exercises aren’t only for women; they are incredibly beneficial for men as well. These exercises build endurance, strengthen pelvic muscles, improve erections, and so much more. They vary from simple to advanced maneuvers. Do them regularly for maximum effects.

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