12 Abs Exercises That Will Never Disappoint You

Gotta Try Them All

Just like any other exercise that is listed here, this is also effective because it targets your obliques while you are lifting your legs. It focuses on your core and will give you well-toned abs.

  • Make a side planking position by lying with the right portion of your body on the ground.
  • Bring your left hand in the direction of your body while placing your right hand on the back of your head.
  • Elevate your right leg while putting your chest in the direction of your limbs to create a contraction in your abs area.
  • Congest it tightly. Then, maintain that position for a moment.
  • Return to the base position.
  • Repeat the whole process.

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9. Cross Knee Touch Plank

This cross knee touch plank is a win-win for everyone because it targets all of the muscles in your abdominal region. In this exercise, there is an added movement to your knees and elbow which will also help your arms and shoulders.

  • Get yourself in a planking posture.
  • Tug your left knee below your stomach to meet your right elbow.
  • Return to your base position.
  • Do the same process on the other side.

10. Knee to Chest

This is an extremely powerful abs exercise that will definitely give you a sculpted set of abs. According to fitness website, this workout can burn up to 316 calories per hour. Knee to chest crunches focuses on your lower abdominal region.

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  • Get yourself on the floor.

Note: Make sure that your arms are both stretched on your sides.

  • Boost your knees together with your chest. Maintain this position for a moment.

Note: Make sure that your lower torso in still in touch with the ground.

  • Repeat the whole process.


11. Weighted Russian Twist

Simple abs exercise that has a little twist. Instead of just twisting your body, you will carry something to add weight such as the dumbbell, steel plate and other material that can add some weight to your workout. This intensifies the workout at your core and not in your arms.

  • On the floor, make a sitting position while keeping your knees and hips bent perpendicularly.
  • Bring the weight, then stretch it in your front. While doing this, maintain a straight back.

Note: Ideally, your body should be 45 degrees from the ground.

  • Twist your body to the right and do the same thing on the other side.
  • Repeat the whole process.

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12. Mountain Climber

This abs exercise is also branded as the “rabbit chasers.” It stabilizes the lower part of your stomach that will eventually help in building up the sought for abs. Because of the powerful boosting effects of this abs exercise, this is also a helpful muscular and cardiovascular exercise that will definitely increase the hype in your body.

  • Make a planking position and be sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders.

Note: Check if your feet are parted as wide as your hip, arms, and legs must be straight. A straight streak should be seen above your head going down to your toes.

  • Tug your right knee into the direction of your chest by your stomach muscles.

Note: Never let your right foot meet the ground and to maintain your shoulders directed above your wrists.

  • Stretch right leg back to the base position (planking position).

Note: Don’t curve your hips. Keep a straight streak from your head going down to your toes.

  • Do the same process on the other side. To enhance the result, you increase the speed.

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At this moment, tons of abs exercise is offered everywhere. Even though the majority of this exercises are proven effective, each of them will still give the different effect. Some may give better results, and some will give you disappointing results. That’s why choosing the right abs exercise is important to see its effects so that you won’t be disappointed after a rigorous training.

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