13 Nursing Productivity Hacks That Increase the Nursing Productivity

Increase Nursing Productivity

Health-care doesn’t cost too much.  But we spend too much to get the ultimate health care for us. Do you ever think why it happens? The core problem is “Productivity”. To be more specific for hospital management, the problem is about “Nursing Productivity”.

After that, there arises a billion dollar question – what is productivity? Well, most of the people think that “working harder” is the primary concern of the ultimate productivity. But, it’s completely a wrong idea. To increase the productivity of a hospital, you have to increase your nursing productivity by following some strategic hacks. In this article, we have listed 13 top nursing productivity hacks that will maximize your nursing productivity a lot. Here goes the list –

Hack #1: Establish a routine:

Nursing is one of the busiest professions. If you are a patient or a hospital visitor, you will notice that there are lots of nurses in every hospital. Most importantly, no one is free. Everyone is too much busy with their tasks. Now, if we think with nurses perspective, nurses have to keep themselves busy for the entire working hour. So, how to manage this huge pressure? In this case, a strategic routine will be the best solution. Maintaining a strategic routine will maximize your productivity and minimize your stress.

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Hack #2: Create an organized to-do list:

A to-do list will make your job more efficient than ever. Whenever you have faced anything, just note it down. You have to check it regularly to prioritize your tasks, cross-over the tasks and also for adding new tasks. Further, you have to keep your to-do list as much organized as possible. Keeping a notebook will be a drawback in this 21st century. Try to manage your to-do list electronically.

Hack #3: Divide your entire task:

Emergency patients are the huge responsibilities of nurses. These patients’ needs lots of extra care as soon as they arrived at the hospital. So, don’t panic! If you have to take care of more than one patients at a time, don’t follow multitasking strategy. It will decrease your service quality. Try to divide your entire task into multiple portions and work efficiently. It will increase your nursing productivity a lot.

Hack #4: Write down the problems:

As a nurse, you will face multiple major and minor problems at a time. As you have to maintain multiple responsibilities, there is a huge possibility to forget about the minor problems. So, it will be the best solution to write them as soon as you notice a problem.

Hack #5: Wear appropriate uniform:

Psychologists say that a great uniform represents a great personality. Further, your uniform will help the patients to identify your responsibilities. So, always wear the proper uniform. Even, don’t miss your shoes too. You will get a huge collection of the best shoes for nurses on the retailer shops near you or on online.

Hack #6: Communicate with your colleagues effectively:

Learn to communicate with your colleagues and other staffs members. It will help you to keep yourself updated about the current situation of the workplace. Further, it will also keep your mind refreshed and stress-free. As you have to work in the same environment for a long time, so you may feel bored after a certain period of time. So, communicate with others and it will help to refuel your mind.

Hack #7: Learn to say no:

It is the toughest hacks of our nursing productivity hack list. To be more professional with your career, you have to learn to say NO. if there any situation arise that anyone is offering illegal request to you, you must say no to them.

Hack #8: Ensure your financial security:

Feedback is the fuel of great service. Before joining in a workplace, make sure that the employees of that organization have their financial security. If your job doesn’t have the financial security, it will be one of the major drawbacks to reduce your nursing productivity. Further, the leaders and administration members also provide more concentration about the financial safety of their staffs.

Hack #9: Change your duties within the similar field:

The nurses have to maintain a number of responsibilities to serve the patients. Most of the hospitals have distributed those responsibilities to several nurses. But, it will reduce the nursing productivity. Because nurses become bored to do the same monotonous job for a long time. If any leader changes their duties within the similar field, then it will increase the nursing productivity a lot.

Hack #10: Use the latest technology:

We live in the technological century. So, why you will not use the latest technologies to maximize your nursing productivity? Use electronic to-do list maker, digital communication devices to help the patients and many more. Technology will reduce your job and also make you more productive than others.

Hack #11: Manage your stresses:

Though you enjoy your job, the day-to-day strain of caring of patients will create a huge emotional and physical stress. These stresses will reduce your productivity a lot. Farther, it will also affect the ill patients. They will not get the proper service from others. If you ever realize that you cannot handle your stresses, take a break for few days. It works!

Hack #12: Monitor your patients privately:

Your patients are your main responsibility. Monitoring them properly is the primary duty of yours. To improve your nursing productivity in this sector, you may follow some specialized hacks. For example, talk with the ill patients, play with the child patients etc.

Hack #13: Maintain the positive hospital atmosphere:

You may wonder that it is the responsibility of the hospital management team. Yeah, you are right. But it is also a responsibility of yours. You have to maintain a proper atmosphere to improve your nursing productivity too. If a workplace doesn’t have the professional working condition, then it will ruin your productivity. So, communicate with your co-staffs and keep your working place effective for both you and your patients.

Final Words:

Hope that these 13 hacks will help you a lot to maximize your nursing productivity. Don’t be an iceberg, try to feel the emotions of your patients. Be more productive. You know the higher nursing productivity results in the higher patient satisfaction. Keep yourself flexible, independent and active in your working place. It will make you less stressful. And the less stress means more productivity!

Good luck with your noble profession!



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