3 Reasons To Use Collagen For The Skin

Use collagen for your skin

Your skin is losing its youth and you feel that your beauty is not far away from fading? In this century there is a solution to everything and this is why collagen supplement have been invented. If you have been desperately searching for anti-ageing skin care products you must be aware that most of them come with collagen.

What is collagen?

Your body generates and stores are natural protein that is fibrous in nature which helps to maintain skin and bone health, vitality and proper connectivity of tissues. All body organs produce collagen and this protein works together with elastin to retain tissue connectivity. The two main amino acids namely, proline and lysine helps collagen production.

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Collagen in your body

The collagen protein keeps the skin young, healthy and firm so when you have to fight the sings of ageing, this one ingredient acts as the most important arm. There are people who even go to the extent of taking this protein in form of injection, leave alone supplements. Injections are always very painful and you have to keep on taking these at regular intervals. Are you instead interested in consuming collagen supplement? If you are also thinking like many others that buying a drug store product that claims to have collagen in it to get best results, you are fooling yourself. It’s true that collagen cannot be easily absorbed into the skin because the molecules present are very large. Based on research it has been seen that after water, collagen is the second most important thing that makes up the total protein content of our body. Without collagen our body would simply be a pile of tissue.

Why is collagen so important for the skin?

Keep your skin healthy

There are 14 types of essential collagen that makes up human skin and according to percentage, a huge 80% is Type I and a mere 15% is Type II. Collagen I give strength to your skin and the Type II promotes elasticity. Soon after a cut in the skin, the body generates collagen to help the tissues to reconnect and heal. Upon ageing and also disease causes collagen to breakdown and the skin becomes fragile and you start getting wrinkles. The more collagen your skin has, the better the skin condition.

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Collagen and anti ageing

The signs of ageing are laxity, fine lines and pigmentation and these are caused as skin is prone to damage and collagen starts decreasing. There are various treatments that accelerate the production of collagen which includes skin treatments and taking supplements. To be honest, treatments are of little help. The more collagen you have, the younger looking skin you possess.

Bone and cartilage health

The right amount of collagen production promotes strong and healthy bones and this prevents osteoporosis. Cartilages are mainly made of collagen and also take care of the joints.


Daily diet is a very important factor in collagen production and you must always keep it as healthy as possible. Vitamin C is very important for collagen formation and incase you have deficiency, it can be dangerous. Consume lot of citrus vegetables and fruits. Collagen itself is a protein therefore adequate amount of protein in out diet is vital. Another very rich source of collagen is gelatin so start taking it today.

How collagen gets destroyed

Your body has natural collagen but make sure you are not destroying it. Note the habits that destroy collagen:

  • Consuming refined carbohydrate and sugar – Sugar interrupts with the self-repairing capability of collagen.
  • Smoking – The collagen production is reduced due to nicotine and carbon monoxide
  • Excessive sunshine – Excess exposure to sun rays destroys collagen

Collagen Supplements

Collagen is important for the whole body but mainly for the skin and bones. Apart from this Collagen also renders hormonal balance and aids in digestion. Through natural daily diet, you might not be getting 100% of nutrition and this is why supplements are made. When your body starts showing deficiency, start taking supplements. Collagen supplement is available in the market and the best way to consume is in the form of powder. It’s easier to consume and digest collagen powder as it mixes very well with cold and hot drinks. When you go to the market to buy, look for reputed companies that sell these supplements and settle for the best one.

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