5 Effective Tricks That Help You Burn Back Fat Quicker

Excess fat is not something anyone desires. No matter how delicate the area of the body it manifests, you want to get rid of it as quick as possible. So it is with back fat. You can burn back fat easily if you follow the tips below!

No matter how hidden the part of the body affected by excess fat, there’s always a way it will show. For back fat, you already guessed that it ruins your chances of wearing your fabulous dresses and getting away gorgeous with them.

Imagine having completely prepared your dress for an occasion only to change the outfit just because of this reason. This can be frustrating, not to talk of the fact that it downplays on your self esteem as an individual.

If you happen to find yourself is such situation, there’s always a way out.

5 Tips That Burn Back Fat

Here are 5 tips that can seriously help you to speed up your weight loss process and burn back fat faster:

1. Take Seriously The First Few Hours Of The Day

The first hours of the day is usually the most important. Consume as much carb as you can in the morning, especially fruits.

During this hour of the day is when your body is the most receptive and sensitive to carbs. It definitely needs a lot of them.

Consuming carbs during this first half of the day decreases the chances of storing the carbs as fat.

2. Consume More Protein

It has been established that compared to carbs or fat, protein is 30 percent more THERMOGENIC

What this means is that, protein gives the body a harder time to break it down, unlike fats and carbs. In order to break down protein, the body will require a great deal of energy in the form of calories.

So, as your body breaks down protein, it is invariably getting rid of calories and fat.

3. Consume Fast Acting Carbs After Workouts

It may sound like I am going against what I previously said, but am not. Actually, this is the only time you should give in to eating carbs outside the early hours of the day.

This is basically because, during this time, your body is like a sponge. It is only natural that after beating your body up and using up the energy that it stored, it now needs to repair itself with protein and carbs.

Carbs such as glucose, yogurt, rice etc. is highly recommended.

4. High Intensity Exercise

Looking for how to get rid of back fat? This is it. At this point, you want to do anything that raises your heart rate. As this happens, your EPOC levels is also raised.

The consequence of this is an increase in your body’s metabolism and as a result you burn excess fat.

Examples of these exercises include sled dragging, sprint intervals, super setting resistance and hill training exercises.

5. The Power Of Cardio

Cardio is a great way to burn back fat and create a calorie deficit. It is recommended that this exercise be done at least 3 hours every week.

If you can dedicate to performing this exercise steadily, you can be sure to achieve outstanding results and achieve your goal of a fat-free back.

Look for a period of time in the day and dedicate to this activity and watch the excess fat burn.


Just like any type of fat, back fat can be handled. With a combination of the right workouts and eating habits, as discussed above, you can burn back fat.

This is not to say that results will be immediate. Actually, the results will depend on the individual.

However, one thing is certain, as you keep at the above mentioned tips, you can be sure of achieve your desire of a bikini body.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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