5 Point Plan for Smashing the Weaknesses in Your Fitness Game

All of us who are paying attention to our fitness have experienced this problem: we are too exhausted from previous workout sessions to be able to continue working out, which leads to a lack of desirable results. The reasons are many and each one of them taken into consideration and dealt with appropriately if we are to gain any benefits. Here are five crucial elements that can help you overcome this problem:

More exercise

It may sound logical to some that the more they work out, the fitter they’ll be. After all, if you eat more, you’re bound to get fatter, right? Well, things don’t work like that in real life, at least when it comes to fitness. All those spending countless hours at the gym every day, doing the same exercises over and over again will not be able to improve their fitness much.

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Instead, they should realise that fitness is boosted only with the right combination of several factors, including recovery. After all, the harder you work, the more time you’ll need to recover, which means you need to find the perfect balance. The progress is actually achieved after workouts and during recovery.

Extreme calorie restriction

Although you have to be aware of your calorie intake, you can’t expect that starving yourself to death will provide the results you want. The reason why this doesn’t work like that is that you actually need energy to recover from workouts. Of course, you’ll lose weight if you reduce your food intake, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be fitter.

Fitness is about being stronger and able to perform better and a simple weight loss doesn’t quite get you there. You have to remember that calories fuel your muscles and create your energy reserves. This doesn’t mean that no restrictions should be applied, but only under a close supervision of an expert and in combination with a carefully designed exercise programme.


One of the most important elements that contribute to proper recovery is definitely nutrition. Not only is it important for providing enough energy to work out, but it also plays an important role when it comes to recovery. You really need to consult a nutritionist, who can tell you what kind of diet you need.

You have to understand that anti-inflammatory products, such as those offered by Natural Evolution Foods, contain antioxidants that penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and help fight inflammation. Proper nutrition is vital to fast recovery, which in turn means that you will be able to return to the gym fitter and your workout will be more beneficial.

Lack of sleep

A lot has been discovered about the relation between lack of sleep and overall performance of people. The same applies to gaining fitness. Even in the process of recovery, you need to get enough sleep. Otherwise, cortisol will be increased, testosterone production reduced and muscle protein synthesis will be lowered.

Basically, sleep deprivation may lead to muscular atrophy and increased urinary excretion of nitrogen, as well as reduced muscle strength. Also, if you don’t have enough sleep you are more prone to injuries, which only emphasises the importance of avoiding sleep deprivation.

Irregular workouts

If you think that extensive workouts during the weekend can compensate for lack of exercises during other days, think again. You simply can’t squeeze in the necessary amount of workout for the whole week into one weekend. If you try it, you’re likely to end up feeling great pain and being unable to perform even some simple routines. That will not only make you less efficient at work, but you also won’t be able to recover in time for your next workout.

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It goes without saying that getting and staying fit is extremely important. However, this process has its own rules, which you have to follow if you want to achieve your goal. If you don’t deal with just one of the five elements mentioned above properly, chances are you’ll get frustrated instead of fitter.

Written by Cristina Bosioc

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