5 Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is Needed After A Long Trip

Massage Is always Good

Massage therapy is the process of manipulating body tissues such as the muscles, tendons, connective tissues and ligaments using the hands. It is one of the most popular health care options said to combat the effects of stress in the body due to many different causes. It improves blood flow to the body, which is why it makes you physically flexible and free from pain. When blood flow is improved, all the important organs of the body gets their much needed supply of oxygen fairly, improving one’s overall health. This is why massage is done not only for relaxation purposes but also for repairs and rehabilitation of injuries.

Now, due to the benefits of massage therapy to the body, many individuals go for it, whether they have been overworked, been doing workout and sports, and most of all, after a long trip. Whether the trip is related to work or a personal trip, massage therapy is needed afterwards and there are 5 reasons why.

Eases Jet-Lag Issues

Long flights can really give you jet-lag issues, especially if you traveled from one time zone to another and have spent hours aboard the plane. Once jet-lag hits you, you could experience extreme fatigue, headaches, nausea, and other discomfort. This is because you cannot relax well on the plane. This may be a temporary issue and a normal thing, but if you are looking forward to starting your vacation as soon as you arrive, this may hinder you from doing so because even if your mind is willing, your body is weak. This is also the same if you took a long flight back home. You cannot get back to your work at once if jet-lag hits.

Getting a massage therapy after a long flight can make you recover from jet-lag quickly because blood flow is improved once again, putting you in a more relaxed state, easing all the symptoms like headache, fatigue, etc.

Reduction of Travel Stress

You may have decided to go on a long trip to unwind and free yourself from the tight clutch of your work life, etc. but you have to admit that going on a vacation can also give you quite a stress. During a long trip, you wouldn’t want to waste time but make sure you have explored the place and done all the things you need to do and that means you get to experience too much walking, etc. You’re probably waking up too early and then coming back to the hotel late already. Though the trip is fun, it also exposed your body to stress, which is why massage therapy is important after the trip as it helps your body and mind relax.

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Back Pain Relief

If you are travelling by plane for long hours, you end up sitting up for long hours as well. Since you are not able to sleep on a lying position, you can expect to experience back pain. This is also the same when you are having a road trip. Sitting hunched behind the wheel can also give you back pain and ruin your trip. Even if you recline the car seat, the comfort given by a bed is still a lot different. This is why after a long flight or road trip, you really need massage therapy.

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Massage therapy effectively gives you back pain relief. Back pain is usually caused by stiff muscles and sitting for a long period is an effective way for your muscles stiffen because of immobility. Getting a massage can make stiff muscles be more flexible again because of increased blood flow, slowly relieving you from back pain.

Elimination of Other Body Aches like Shoulder and Neck Pain, Leg Cramps

Long trips can really expose you to other body aches aside from back pain alone. Carrying your heavy bags can give you shoulder and neck pain as well as sitting on the plane or car for long hours. During your trip, you could also be spending most of your time having long walks. And if you are the outdoor type, you could be doing activities that require overworking your legs like hiking, standing, etc. These activities can give you a bad case of leg cramps.

Massage therapy can improve blood circulation into your body, giving your legs, and other parts of the body sufficient supply of oxygen, be free from pain and make you feel better again.

Relaxation and Improved Sleep

Long trips to other places can not only destroy your body clock, but it is also hard to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes, you get lack of sleep because you have to be up early the next day. The fact that you are not sleeping in your own bedroom can also make it hard to fall asleep. Excitement can also deprive you of a good sleep.

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So, after that fun but long trip, you need to give yourself the sound sleep you didn’t get much of. Massage therapy can help you relax. As your muscles and your whole body start to heal, your mind is put into a very relaxed state, making it easy for you to fall asleep soundly.

Long trips can be stressful and exhausting, but it’s nothing that a massage therapy cannot fix.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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  1. Yes I totally agree with you! It’s important to get the blood flowing after long distance driving! The oxygen and nutrients will flow and you will feel AMAZING after your massage! Good blog ! ❤

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