5 Workout Positions For Couples To Get A Full Body Workout!

Hot Workout Positions For Couples

The internet is full of couples workout, and everybody says that couples who train together, remain together, right? Well, today we got something nice for you! Check out these 5 workout positions for couples to get a full body workout!

  1. The Mermaid – She will use 100 muscles, he will use 400 muscles. Just by looking at the picture you can see that you both will need to use arms, legs and core muscles!

2. The Facing – He will use 300 muscles, she will use 400. This positions is intimate and you can even try it in the shower.


3. Girl On Top

She will use 200 muscles, he will use 100 muscles. This is a favourite position among men who want their partner to be in control. Leaning forward eases the weight on lower and upper body, but when she leans back, she will improve her legs muscles and his abs.

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4. Ankles on hips

She will use 60 muscles, he will use 200 muscles.

5. Ankles on shoulders – this is a full body workout for him! All the weight is on hip! (via 9gag)

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