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Do This Just 6 Min Daily, And THIS Will Happen To Your Belly

Lose Belly Fat By Doing This

“Abs” and “core” are totally different things. “Core” actually signifies the glutes (butt), hips, lower back and abs.

Today we will present you an extremely effective exercises that will help you eliminate the stubborn fat, relief from the back pain, improve your athletic performance, prevent you from injuries and improve the overall posture.

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Below you will find 3 examples for 3 days on how to work you middle section.



  • Here are 3 workouts. Every single should be performed for 5 min. Get faster results by do them twice. Skyscraper is the name for the first exercise. Perform 10 on each side.
  • Windshield Wipers is the second one and you also have to do 10 on each side.
  • Army Crawls is the third exercise and make 36 steps.


  • 4 exercises are included in this day. These workouts should last for 5 min and repeat the whole procedure 2 times for best results.
  • Breakdancer is the name of the first exercise and it should be performed 15 on each side.
  • Skydiver is the second one and try to stay in this position for half min.
  • Dead Bug is the third one and try to perform it 10 times.
  • Thread the Needle is the fourth one and perform 10 on each side.


  • 4 powerful workouts are included in this day. 6 min for each one will be ideal for your body
  • Crab Kicks into Superman is the first exercises and perform 6 on each side.
  •  Start Leg raise is the second one and try to do 10 on each side.
  • Side V ups is the name of the third workout and try to perform 10 on each side.
  • Over/Under is the last workout and try to do 10 on each side.

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There you have it! Do this rutine and you will have a strong core and a powerful middle section.

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As you might know it is almost impossible to burn belly fat in just a few days, but if you control your diet and exercise, you can achieve this belly fat loss goal. The secret is self-control which you can practice at least a few days when you know you are going to expose your body in a swimsuit. Keep in mind these belly fat loss tips if you want to lose belly fat in three days and wanna be sexy in a swimsuit.

1. Limit The Number Of Calories Per Day

Faster fat burning secret is caloric deficit. The maximum of 1200 calories per day in each of the three days to look better in a bathing suit. Black Fasting helps you burn fat, but you can get sick. A diet with a reasonable calorie deficit stimulates your metabolism in a more efficient way to remove as much fat on tummy time.

2. Eliminate Carbohydrates From The Diet

In the three days that you have available to be as sexy swimsuit, forget about bread and pasta, sweets and potatoes. Eliminate carbohydrates from your diet to increase your metabolism. What can you eat? Lean meat, chicken or fish, with as many green vegetables. Rich in nutrients and with a low-calorie vegetables can fill your belly into smaller portions, helping you with your belly fat loss.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Hydration is very important for your belly fat loss. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas, avoid coffee, soft drinks and sodas. If you do not like to drink just water, you can flavor with a little freshly squeezed fruit juice. Citrus helps you burn more calories, but you can squeeze any seasonal fruit, well washed.

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