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7 Signs That You Have Kidneys Problems

Your kidneys job is quite simple, they act as natural filtration units to help get rid of harmful toxins in your bloodstream.

In so doing your kidneys play a vital role in ensuring the following:

– They ensure that your body does not have an accumulation of waste and excess amounts of fluids.

– They help to ensure that your blood pressure is well regulated always.

– They help to balance out your body’s level of electrolyte.

– Kidneys boost the level of red blood cells produced in your body when they function at optimal capacity.

– Kidneys also help to promote the health of your bones and teeth.

If the health of your kidneys is under threat your general health will be affected, it is therefore important to be aware of these 7 signs that show that they may be in serious danger of failing.

Here are the 7 signs:

1)  Inflammation Of Your Body  – When parts of your body are swollen like your legs, face, hands, feet and ankles it’s a sure sign that you may have a problem with your kidneys and this is because your kidneys are unable to get rid of the excess fluids in your body causing the swelling.


2) Having Skin Rashes – When you kidneys are damaged in any way you may notice some skin rashes on your body and this rash may be itchy in nature and will not respond to treatment by the use of lotions and ointments.

3) You Could Experience Shortness Of Breath – As mentioned earlier, kidney problems can cause your body to be short of oxygen, this fan cause you to have a shortness of breath as fluids and toxins build-up in your lungs.
4) If You Experience Upper Back Pain – You may be suffering from a damaged kidney if you experience upper back pain. This pain is commonly on one side of your upper back and may be followed by some fever and chills as well as changes in your urine.

If you have kidney infections or stones you may experience severe pain and also spasms.

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5) Frequently Feeling Tired – Red blood cells are responsible for conveying oxygen to all parts of your body. When your kidneys are working perfectly your bone marrows are stimulated to generate more red blood cells but if your kidneys are not functioning properly then your bone marrow will not produce as much red blood cells that is necessary to carry oxygen to all parts of your body including your brain and this lack of sufficient amounts of oxygen in your brain and muscles will make you weak and tired often.

6) If You Have A Metallic Taste Feeling In Your Mouth – If you have a metallic taste in your mouth it could mean that your kidneys are not fully eliminating excess fluids and waste in your body.

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7) Noticeable Change In The Colour And Frequency Of Your Urination – If you notice nd change in the appearance of your urine or in your urination frequency it could be a warning that your kidneys may be in danger.

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Some changes include:

  • Having blood in your urine.
  • Having a foamy looking urine.
  • Having a pale looking urine.
  • Having a dark coloured urine.
  • Having reduced urination frequency.
  • Waking up several times at night to urinate.
  • Being unable to urinate despite having the urge.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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