7 Things to Do in Your Bedroom to Be Happy and Healthy

According to a study, an average human spends somewhere around 200,000 hours in the bedroom and this turns out to be a significantly huge amount of time. For this simple reason, having a decent set-up for your bedroom is something that mustn’t be ignored at any cost. The way you keep your bedroom has a direct impact on the activities you do and also affects your mood in an obvious manner. This is why here are seven things that you can do in your bedroom in order to have a happy and healthy life:

  1. Maintain a clean and well-scented bedroom: First and the most important thing is the cleanliness and the hygiene, so make sure you do not skip this part. The habit of daily brooming and mopping is helpful in putting off the unnecessary dirt and other waste. Another important tip is to have a separate dustbin in your bedroom so that you do not have to rush outside every time you want to throw something. Use a good insecticide to kill bed bugs so that you can prevent any unnecessary sickness due to them. Researchers have shown that having a well-scented bedroom helps in having a better mood so that you can do your chores with a fresh mind. You can buy a good quality air conditioner from the market so that you get to encounter a decent fragrance every time you enter your bedroom. You can even go with an amazing cleaning service to help you out with this!
  2. Stretch when you get out of bed: Most people have a habit of leaving the bed in haste just after getting up early in the morning. Studies have shown that it is better to slow down that process in order to avoid the risk of several health issues like a heart attack. When the body gets up after a long period of rest, the blood vessels are relatively more contracted, so it is better to spend five to ten minutes stretching out before you get off to work. Stretching helps in improving blood circulation and is also beneficial for the health of your joints by increasing their flexibility. You can also choose to have your breakfast in your bed as this can turn out to be a very good start to the day.
  3. Hang an artwork on the wall: Believe this or not but a bedroom without an artwork is just like a lifeless painting hanging on the wall. If you haven’t put a decent artwork in your bedroom, it is the right time to change it. However, it is suggested to not go with a family portrait as it can prove to be a distraction during your intimate moments. Choose a nicely framed painting or get a graffiti done to make your bedroom look prettier than before.
  4. Look at yourself in a full-length mirror: Having a full-length mirror in your bedroom can be really interesting as it can be proved to be a wonderful way of self-interaction. It is good to look at your naked body in the mirror in order to get familiar with your real self. You can easily figure out any new spots on your body so that you can get the idea of the risk of any disease and thus get to know the right time to visit a doctor. Having a full-length mirror also helps in making your bedroom look more spacious than usual.
  5. Have a moment of peace: It is good to have a sitting spot other than bed where you can comfortably spend some time in order to refresh the mood. You can use this place to check your daily e-mails or to read a book peacefully.
  6. Sleep peacefully: A peaceful sleep is obviously one of the main objectives for a bedroom. The quality of sleep has a direct impact on your performance and daily efficiency. Try to make the sleeping environment as much sleep-friendly as you can. Choose a good quality mattress, a nice pillow and keep the bed sheets and blankets clean. Before you go to sleep, dedicate a few minutes to pray or meditate as it can boost your quality of sleep by relaxing your mind. You can also choose to read a good book before dozing off so that all the stress and tension of the work can be relieved to somewhat extent.
  7. Have sex: Studies have shown that a good sex is beneficial to keep a person healthy and ensures a longer life. It helps to improve the relationship and also turns out to be a good exercise for the body. Set the environment of your bedroom in a manner to help you have better intimate moments with your partner.

Conclusion: Bedroom is an integral part of the home and after going through all the above points you will now be sure about various things to do in your bedroom in order to remain happy and healthy.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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