8 Signs You Have a Hormonal Imbalance (and How to Fix It)

Numerous people have thin hair, fatigue, brittle nails, sleep issues, weight gain, PMS problems, sexual problems and constipation which indicates hormonal imbalance.

Bad sleep means wrong work of the adrenal glands which are vital for making the stress hormones. Constipation, weight gain, thin hair, brittle nails and fatigue indicate problem with the thyroid gland. Weight gain also meals too much starch and sugar in the diet.

But you can balance the hormones, and we will present you few tips how to do that regardless the age.


-Reduce starch and sweets. Limit them or even eliminate them from your diet for few weeks.
-Reduce legumes, high sugar fruits and grains because excess carbs cause metabolic issues.
-Consume healthy fats as they provide energy, satiety and suppresses cravings.
-Microbiome care. Diet with fibers and fermented foods make good bacteria which boosts the hormones.
-Avoid inflammation foods like fast food and sugar.


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-Sleep better because bas sleep affects the body and interferes with the hormones.
-Reduce the stimulants lie energy drinks, sodas and caffeine as they interfere with the sleep hormones.
-No chemicals. Avoid products with chemicals because they can harm your health.
-Avoid medications as they make stress and imbalance of hormones.
-Unwind. You should relax and do the things you like. Add a meditation as it balances the hormones.



There you go! Pay attention to these signs and try the tips above to resolve the issues!

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