A Beginner’s Guide to Emergency Dentistry in Westerville, OH

Westerville is a city in the state of Ohio and located in the Delaware and Franklin counties. It has a fast-growing health care industry, particularly in dentistry. Compared to the average of over 1,300 patients who visit the primary care physicians annually, there are over 1,600 patients who visit the local dentist every year.

Oral injuries, such as broken or cracked teeth after eating hard food, may happen regardless of when and where you are. Some situations call for immediate treatment, while other injuries can hold off until you get an appointment with a dentist. 

Usually, dental emergencies often require professional diagnosis and quick treatment. Fortunately, there are several available services that do emergency dentist in Westerville, OH that you can avail. 

Determining whether you’re experiencing real dental emergencies can be a tough task. This article can provide you the resources you need to understand emergency dentistry, its precautions, as well as seeking professional help in Westerville, Ohio.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is an oral condition that needs immediate attention from the dentist. In certain circumstances, the nature of such an emergency is evident and recognizable, such as severely broken or knocked-out teeth. In other cases, patients in Westerville may be experiencing bleeding or pain without an unknown cause.

Similar to any other medical health emergency, going for emergency dentistry in Westerville, OH, is vital to avoid further worsening of the condition or producing severe complications, which will need more costly and extensive treatment later on.

When do you need emergency dentistry?

Not every oral condition is qualified to be called dental emergencies in Westerville. Some dental issues do not require immediate treatments.

While aggravating oral conditions such as loss of fillings, broken crowns, slight toothache, and damaged dental tools such as retainer can be irritating and slightly painful, they are not genuine dental emergencies. Still, they need dental care in Westerville.

Typically, oral conditions that require emergency dentistry include terrible pain, uncontrolled bleeding, and a severely fractured or loosened tooth. The American Dental Association stated that tooth injuries, such as a cracked or knocked-out tooth, are one of the most common dental emergencies.

According to Mayo Clinic, untreated cavities may also lead to infections known as tooth abscesses, which is definitely a dental emergency. This condition can result in complications that require immediate attention, such as a terrible toothache, difficulty breathing or swallowing, facial swelling, as well as sepsis.

People that injured soft tissue, such as accidentally biting their lips or tongue, may also require emergency care. In these circumstances, the American Dental Association recommends patients to clean the injured area gently with water followed by cold compress application. If the bleeding continues, patients need to seek professional care immediately.

Seeking help from emergency dentistry around the vicinity

Seeking the help of experts right away will increase the patients’ chance of saving their teeth. Luckily, Westerville is home to several reliable dental clinics that offer emergency dentistry, such as Serene Smiles, which provide same-day dentistry.

There are various kinds of tooth cracks and breaks, such as a split tooth, decay-induced tooth break, severe breaks, broken cusps, and chips. Each type of situation calls for different kinds of treatments, depending on the dentist’s diagnosis.

Simple precautions to prevent teeth injuries

Some easy precautions that people in Westerville can take to avoid any unwanted accidents or injuries on their teeth include:

  • Use a mouthguard when engaging in recreational activities or sports.
  • Avoid eating food that may result in cracked teeth such as chewing ice and hard candy.
  • When trying to cut things, always use scissors and never attempt to use the teeth.

Oral injuries can happen at any time of the day. Knowing the difference between typical dental injuries and dental emergencies is vital to save your precious teeth.

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