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The Best Morning Abs Workout For Strong Abs All Day

Strong and shredded abs

  1. Lying Leg Raises

Lay flat on the floor, with your arms on your side and palms facing down. Lift your legs up straight, and exhale while you do that. Inhaling slowly, lower your legs. Make sure you don’t arch your back.

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Do this exercise in the sets of 3, with 12 to 15 repetitions each for beginners, or 25 to 30 reps each for advanced.

Include these 8 ab exercises in your daily routine to reap the benefits and sculpt a solid 6 pack. This abs workout is easy to perform and amazingly effective for your abdominals.

2. Flat Bench Lying Leg Raises

This exercise is performed on a flat bench. Lie down on the bench with your back straight and your legs extended off the bench, in front of you. Hold the sides of the bench, next to your head. This is the starting position.

Raise your legs up, making an angle of 90 degrees with the ground. Exhale while you lift them up and hold the position for a few seconds. While inhaling slowly, lower your legs back to the starting position.

Do 3 sets of this exercise, with 8 to 10 reps each.


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