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Boost Your Testosterone: 7 Workouts You Must Add In Your Fitness Routine

It’s important to boost your testosterone!

There are many things that get men excited, and sex is one of them. Every normal man wants to have an outstanding sex life. They want to spend a longer duration of time with their partner. It makes their partner happy as well. After all, women love sex too. However, many people are deprived of a satisfying sex life. There are many causes behind a miserable sex life, such as relationship problems, conflicts, and sexual dysfunction.

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In order to have a quality sex life, you should first have a desire to have sex. The study shows that one of the major causes behind marital conflicts is a less frequency of sex. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a crucial role in enhancing lean muscle mass and bone density. You need to have an optimum level of testosterone to have an attractive body. The lack of testosterone in your body leads to obesity, osteoporosis, and it also reduces your sex drive.

There are various ways to increase your level of testosterone in your body. In this article, we will specifically look at the various types of exercises that can significantly boost your testosterone.

7 effective exercises to enhance your testosterone

It’s true that every form of exercise can help you increase your testosterone. In fact, the study shows that regular workouts can enhance your physical health, mental health, and it also makes you smarter. However, the contribution made by the various types of exercises on the amount of testosterone released differs. Some forms of exercise can stimulate a greater release of testosterones. This is the reason why this article is important.

1.    Sprint

This is a very simple exercise to start with. You don’t need gyms, trainers, or extra equipment to sprint unless you want to sprint in a treadmill.  There was a study, which showed that the people who performed the series of intense 6-seconds sprint were seen to have a significant increase in their level of testosterone. You can do this every morning right after you wake up or if you’re a member of a gym, then you can allocate some time to sprint in a treadmill.

2.    Dips

It’s another effective exercise in the list. Like sprinting, you don’t need any special skills and techniques to do some sets of dips. This is a form of exercise that has an impact on your triceps, back, chest, and your shoulder. Many of you may have tried out this exercise in the past without having an awareness of its impact on your sex life. It destroys the large no. of muscles. Thus it makes your body release a significant amount of testosterone to repair it.

You should take notice of your body position while doing dips. You can either do it in your gym, or you can place two chairs to do some dips.

3.    Barbell Squats

A normal squat is a good way to work out your back and legs. If you add more weight to it, then it will show compounding effect. It’s not as simple as it looks. You need to have a proper skill and technique to perform it properly. If you’re just starting out, then don’t try to add more weight. Just try out a normal squat. After some time, you can slowly add weight. While performing this exercise, you need to keep your back straight. Don’t hurry up just to finish your set.

You should try to keep your knees are still. Slowly go up and down, and finish your sets. After doing this exercise regularly for some weeks, then you can overcome the problem of low testosterone to some extent.

4.    HIIT

The full form of HIIT is “High-Intensity Interval Training.” There is no fixed exercise in this type of workout. There are plenty of exercises included in this training, and all of them must be performed with a very high intensity. This training tries to work out various types of muscles in the minimum possible time. As it impacts almost all the muscles in your body, it plays a crucial role in the release of testosterone in a greater proportion.

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You are likely to face lots of trouble in the beginning, but you will be OK after some time. This training is not only for boosting the level of testosterone, but it’s also known for removing fats quickly.

5.    Bench press

This exercise is one of the most effective exercises to increase your testosterone if done correctly. It impacts your chest, triceps, upper back, and biceps. This exercise is both for muscle building and strength building. You can do bench press with either wide grip or a close grip. However, you should be careful while performing it if you’re a beginner.

6.    Deadlifts

This is a very good exercise for your muscles, and it is also equally effective in boosting your testosterone. The study shows that resistance training can significantly boost the level of testosterone among men regardless of their age. This exercise helps in overall muscle growth. An exercise combined with the consumption of top male enhancement pills can further increase the level of testosterone.


7.    Pull ups

The final exercise on the list is pull ups. It’s a simple exercise that impacts all the upper body muscles. This common exercise can increase your strength, endurance, and boost your testosterone.

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You should be involved in regular workouts regardless of your age. Just add some of the exercises mentioned in this list, according to your convenience. In addition to these workouts, you should also consider the foods you are consuming. There are foods that can enhance your sexual health, whereas there are also foods that can ruin your sexual performance. The combination of healthy foods and regular workouts is the key to achieving a healthy life.

Moreover, if you’re struggling with your sexual performance, then you can go for the male enhancement pills, such as the Test Worx or you can consult a sex therapist.

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