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Why Building A Body Like Arnold’s Isn’t Really A Good Idea


You definitely don’t want to experience extreme side effects

The products used in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series come with a lot of advantages that speed things up for you during the entire workout session. Some of these benefits include the consumption of special dietary fiber mixture that aids in your digestion and also contains healthy nutrients that help increase the muscular mass of your body.

However, a lot of complications have resulted from the use of these products which can be quite detrimental to your health. These side effects include swelling, cramps, headaches and bodily weakness which are caused by the lactose used in his supplements. Constant use of these products may also lead to severe problems like high blood pressure and can also have adverse effects on your kidneys and heart. You might also experience temperamental issues like anger and hyperactivity.

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Do you really wish to use harmful and illegal supplements to attain your body goals?

You might be in awe looking at Arnold’s perfectly muscular body. While you long to achieve something similar, you ought to realize it is not mere working out that helped him achieve the much coveted physique.

Arnold’s workout plan is known to include illegal performance-enhancing drugs and supplements, which facilitated his recovery and healing process after sessions of extremely straining and exhausting workouts.

The anabolic steroids that he used also helped him lose fat and put on more muscles in less time. In the short term, these supplements can lead to amazing results but in the long term, the repercussions can take a toll on your overall health and physique. 

It is certainly not meant for beginners and newbies!

Building a body like Arnold means going through incredibly tough and strenuous physical exercising sessions which only a pro-bodybuilder can learn to bear. If you are a beginner and are just starting your work-out career, you shouldn’t even think of building such a body.

Arnold’s workouts are extremely high in volume, which means that to be able to do it, your body needs to be conditioned to intense pressure and stress. Being a newbie means your body cannot handle that much intensity of heavy weightlifting in the beginning as you need to gradually build that capacity and allow your body to get used to it.

Volume training is simply not the gateway to a body like Arnold’s

As clearly mentioned in his workout series, high volume approach is what you need to build a body like Arnold’s. While that may or may not be the actual case, intense volume training is definitely not what’s going to help you.

Alongside that, you also need to incorporate a full body workout system that gives way to your capacity and strength while you work out. So, while you attempt to follow the rules and workout guidelines, mentioned in his series, to get a body like his, it is safe to say that you should proceed at your own risk!

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Whether you are a beginner or a pro at working out and body building, you need to set your own body-related goals, according to your needs and requirements. Not every professional workout is meant for every person and surely not Arnold’s because of the numerous side effects that come with it. Therefore, think twice before you start working towards building a body like Arnold.


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