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Is A Bump On Your Wrist A Cause For Concern? SEE WHAT TO DO!

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For dry eruptions, apply a hand lotion about 2 times a day. In case it turns to be itchy, you can then use 1% hydrocortisone cream, about 4 times in a day.

Itchy Rash on Wrist Pictures

Bumps on Wrist Treatment

Whether you have symptoms or not, the bumps on wrist are able to benefit from medical evaluation. The doctor can be very much sure that you have a ganglion cyst, keep you from worrying, and assist decide on the best treatment plan for you.

Bumps on wrist does not need to have emergency treatment unless you have significant trauma. A routine check by either the doctor or a specialist in bones and joints (an orthopedist) is enough.

Exams and Tests

A physical exam is normally all that is needed to diagnose bumps on wrist.

The doctor can get further confirmation by use of a syringe so as to draw out some of the fluid that are in the cyst or by use of ultrasound. An ultrasound picture is then made as sound waves bounce off of the different tissues.

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It is able to determine whether the bumps on wrist are fluid-filled (cystic) or even if it is solid. Ultrasound is able to also detect whether there is an artery or blood vessel causing the bumps on wrist.
The doctor can send you to a hand surgeon if the bumps on wrist are large or involves a blood vessel.

Magnetic resonance imaging is used to see the wrist and is useful for bumps on wrist. One drawback to the diagnostic method is the cost of procedure.

Ganglion Cyst Treatment: Self-Care at Home

In the past, home care has largely included topical plaster and several poultices. It even extended to use of a heavy book so as to physically smash the cyst. (Sometimes this is known as the “Bible therapy.”)

These then forms of treatment are no longer used, but, because they have not been shown to keep the bumps on wrist from returning and could, in fact, lead to further injury.

Medical Treatment

Many bumps on wrist are able to disappear without any treatment at all.

Various treatments have been proposed over several years. Some includes no specific treatment other than reducing worry with regard to the cyst, use of a needle to get rid of the cyst’s contents, or surgery.


Aspiration usually includes placing a needle into the bumps on wrist, drawing the liquid material out, then injecting a steroid compound, and then splinting the wrist so as to keep it from moving.
If you have the fluid drawn out of ganglia on the wrist on 3 separate times, then the possibility of being cured is between normally 30% and 50%. The rate of success is usually higher with cysts on the hand’s flexor tendon sheath.

If you compare injection and surgical removal, in general, bumps on wrist return less often after surgery.


Surgical removal of the bumps on wrist is required when the mass is painful, interferes with function (especially when the dominant hand is involved), or leads to numbness or even tingling of hand or fingers.

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