Check Out These 5 Simple Exercises To Tone Your Thighs

Keeping fit and active is important for our health. There are incentives outside healthy living that exercise offers, however, and one of those is a better look for your body. There are thousands of different exercises that challenge your muscles and build a sleek, toned body, but how do you choose an exercise routine that’s right for you? What if there are specific parts of your body that you want to focus your effort on?

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A full body workout is great for building a balanced and beautiful body, but if you’re short on time you have to pick and choose what exercises you want to concentrate on. This article focuses on five simple exercises to tone your thighs. Just following a regular pattern of these thigh exercises should give you good results quicker than you’d think!

Squat With Ball

This exercise requires an exercise ball, but they’re seriously inexpensive and easily available. If you’re serious about toning your thighs, picking one up will definitely pay off.

Squats, in general, are considered a sort of “magic” exercise in the fitness world. Bodybuilders and many fitness hobbyists incorporate barbell or bodyweight squats into their routine because it’s a compound movement. “Compound” is a fancy way to say that it engages multiple muscle groups. When you do a squat you’re combining exercise for a bunch of different body parts into one – pretty efficient.

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Fortunately, to tone your thighs you don’t need to add heavyweight to your squats. Instead, this squat uses an exercise ball to modify the movement while still giving your thighs a killer workout.

Put the exercise ball between your back and the wall and move into a sitting position. Hold it for a few seconds and then return to standing. Repeat 5-12 times depending on how your body is feeling.

By taking advantage of this magic exercise and modifying it so that it targets your thighs specifically, you can build lean muscle and tone your thighs with ease.

The Flamingo Balance

This movement has a silly name, but there’s nothing silly about the improvements you’ll see in the tone of your thighs!

Just like the ball squats we discussed above, the flamingo balance is a compound movement. It doesn’t hit as many parts of the body as a squat does, but it really gives your thighs a good workout that may even exceed the toning potential of the first exercise on our list.

You’ll need a dumbbell of a weight that’s heavy enough to challenge you, but not so heavy that you end up injuring yourself. A flamingo balance, as the name suggests, requires a bit of balance – you’ll be standing on one leg like a flamingo.


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