Chigger Mite: The Reason For Intense Itch

At some point in time almost all of us have bitten by a mosquito which seems quite normal. However, often we misunderstand the mosquito bite which can put human health at risk. Before you confuse severe irritation with the mosquito bite it is always safe to have information about mites and bugs. Chigger, the very minute parasitic mite that is common in the United States which feeds on human epidermis. Chigger bugs are hardly observable with the human eye and require a microscope if you want to find it. Since none of us can ever escape from these bugs. Therefore it is essential to know the way you can deal with chigger bites.

How to Recognize the Chigger Bite

Knowing the distinction between mosquito and chigger bite is important since the signs are the same. The mosquito likes to stay on the open area of the skin, however; chigger will be near the thin skin. On the other hand, chigger bites resemble a bump whereas mosquito bites unlike a bump. The itching after a chigger bite does not occur instantly as in mosquito bites. So, you might feel an itch on the skin after few hours which indicate a chigger bite.

Suggested Remedies When Chigger Mite Bites You

Once you have identified the chigger bite then you need to know the ways of treating it. The good news is you can handle the chigger bites at your home as well. When you realize you have chigger bite take a cold water bath at the moment. You can also apply hydrocortisone ointment to those bumps to ease the itching. Camphor oil and baking soda paste can also alleviate the itching. Most importantly, try not to scratch the red bump in order to prevent the occurrence of infection.


The Favorite Spots of Chigger Mites You Need To Know

The habitat of the chigger mites may include grass, tall weeds, by the lake even in your courtyard. The warm temperature, especially in the spring or summer seasons, is the invite to these bugs. Likewise, the chigger mites become lifeless when the temperature is below 60 Fahrenheit. While in such areas you need to have precautionary measures to protect yourself from it.

Possible Symptoms of Chigger Sting

The onset of the symptoms begins after the chigger injects its enzyme in your epidermis. One of the most occurring indicators of chigger bite is severe itching begins after 1-3 hours. Other than this, the red dot might appear in the middle of the bump in reaction to chigger bug’s saliva.


All in all, the Chigger mites do not have the ability to transmit disease but only cause irritation. You can get rid of chigger bites by avoid strolling in shrubs or contaminated areas. In addition to it, the recovery time for chigger bites is not more than a week. Nonetheless, if the blister recovery takes more than a week then it is better to visit your nearest doctor. So that steroids can be prescribed to heal those chigger bites.

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