Choosing a Dentist in a Small Town

Taking a walk downtown in Stroudsburg is a trip back in time. You will see a lot of landmarks, such as the Stroud Mansion, Monroe County Courthouse, Academy Hill Historic District, and the Kitson Woolen Mill. They are all listed in the National Register of Historic Places. With a little over 5,000 residents, everyone is welcoming to strangers as the town retains that small-town charm that is a characteristic of rural America.

A good majority of dentists want to establish a practice in the city to ensure they get a steady stream of clients. Another advantage is that they are closer to the source of supply and equipment. 

However, choosing a dentist Stroudsburg PA has its fair share of advantages. Among these are:

  • They can follow your family’s oral history — Just like family doctors, a dentist with a small-town practice knows his clients intimately. When a case is presented, he would be able to make a more accurate diagnosis based on the oral history of the family, the oral habits of the parents, and the hygiene practices of the children. All of this will be taken into account before the treatment.
  • You do not treat as a cash cow — In a bigger city, the competition is stiffer. You have more dentists per square mile compared to rural America. Although it is hard to generalize, they would want to spend as little time with the patient to see as many as they can in a day. When you select a dentist Stroudsburg PA, the professional will spend more time trying to get to the bottom of the problem. 
  • More focus on preventative care — A small-town dentist holds a particular position in the community. They are well-respected and held in high esteem. They do not take this position lightly. They feel responsible for the oral care of each of the residents. That is because they feel like a part of the neighborhood, and each patient is an extended family member. They would instead teach you how to brush correctly, even if they do not get any business. As you can imagine, they would earn more in restorative treatment than preventative care.
  • Free consultation — Yes, sometimes you can get a free consultation if you are already a long-time patient of the dentist. You can see them at the grocery store, walking on the street, or at a local restaurant. You can bet that you will become peppered with a few questions: How are your teeth? When was your last visit? How is your little girl or boy? It will not be perceived as rude if you ask a question or two of your own regarding an oral problem.

According to the American Dental Association, there are nearly 200,000 dentists in the United States, with a ratio of 61 dentists for every 100,000 people. Meanwhile, about 39% belong to ages 55 and above. 

In small-town areas like Stroudsburg, you can still see dentists getting respected even if they already retired from practice. They have become well-invested in the community that their professional opinion will become valued for life. Such is the benefit of living in small-town America and why you should consider a dentist in your neighborhood rather than going to the big city.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

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