How to Create a Home Gym

The gym. Love it or hate it, for most of us, it’s an essential part of everyday life. Every gym has a certain feel to it, an aura if you will, and choosing the right one is not as easy as one might think. There are too many factors to consider: quality equipment, personnel, membership fees, too many people etc. To avoid these problems, many people decide to front up the money and invest in a home gym. This venture comes with its own set of problems, which is why following a few basic guidelines is recommended.

Save your money

The first mistake many people make is overspending. When considering your budget, consult a professional on which piece of equipment provides the most bang for your buck. Target machinery that can attack as many muscle groups as possible while staying at reasonable cost and functionality. There are a few good examples which fitness experts swear by, saving money while also taking up a fraction of the space needed for separate machinery. Another great tip is to search for used weights, saving up a few bucks on that 45lb Olympic bar might not seem like much, but it stacks up.

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Invest only in what you need

Building on the idea of saving money, investing in proper utilities is crucial. Avoid investing any funds into cardio, there is simply no need. A good pair of running shoes and the fresh outdoors can do wonders while saving space in your gym and cash in your pocket. As for weights, the only essential gear is a set of barbells and plates, accompanied by appropriate bars. After which, invest in a bench with a modifiable incline/decline as well as weight racks. Foam flooring is also recommended but can be replaced with thick carpeting to save a few bucks.

Remember that instead of working with your own body weight you can always put a weighed vest on for better results. If you are planning to get one – check the best weighted vest here

Organize your space

Once everything has been purchased and done, the fun part begins – organizing the space. Homes with an abundance of furniture can run into problems, simply lacking space to install their new gym. This is why investing in self storage can be a lifesaver, keeping our predetermined budget in check while saving us the guilt of selling nana’s antique dresser. With that out of the way, decorate your apartments for rent in North Las Vegas, NV! Decorating helps with motivation and keeps goals in check. Keep in mind that a 6 foot poster of an Austrian bodybuilder who got elected into office may work for some people, but not all of them.

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Put it to good use

With a fully-operational gym, it’s time to get cracking. It is paramount that all and any equipment is used properly. Sloppy form can not only detriment a workout, it can also cause serious injuries if not careful. Luckily, instructions on proper form are everywhere and provide guidelines for both beginners and seasoned gym rats. It is worth noting that, while decorating, a few exercise graphs on the walls could go a long way, constantly reminding you of the dos and don’ts. Lastly, a half-rep doesn’t count, follow through on your goals and stay safe.


Creating a personal gym is an investment, an investment into what we could be. By weighing the options, this ideal can be within arm’s length. After considering the costs and equipment needed, awkward changing room conversations will be a thing of the past! Just remember not to let this added comfort go to your head. Never miss out on a workout. Capitalize on the investment to push yourself to ever greater heights.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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