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How To Cure a Stiff Neck Or Shoulder To Ease the Pain?

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While standing in the same position as for the previous sequence, start making continuous backward circles with your arm. Again, breathe in as you go up and breathe out as you go down. Begin slowly and increase the speed of the movement until your arm wants to circle quite fast to throw off all the tension (until you feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips).

Again, reposition your feet and repeat on the other side.

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5. Yes, No, and Maybe Exercises

These exercises allow the neck to move in the three planes of motion, round the sagittal, transverse, and frontal axes. Before attempting to do these neck exercises, you should establish the severity of your pain by consulting your physician or chiropractor.

Yes: In this exercises the point is to move your head up and down. If the back of your neck is completely free of tension your chin should touch your breastbone when you look down.
On the upward movement keep the back of your neck as long as you can.
Slowly repeat upper and down motion for as long as the little noises inside your neck disappear.
Caution if you suffer from a posterior disc bulge avoid going too far down on this move as it could increase the damage.

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No: On the “No” sequence, keep the head central above the spine (between your shoulders). Try to see as far back behind you as you can on each lateral rotation without lifting your nose.
Slowly repeat rotations to the left and right until all the little noises inside your neck disappear.

Maybe: On the “Maybe” sequence, drop your ear down towards the shoulder while keeping your nose facing the front.
Gently repeat each move eight or more times until all the little crunching noises in your disappear.

6. Head Rolls

Slowly roll the head around clockwise to see how much of your entire periphery you can see. When you’ve done about five rolls, repeat them counter clockwise.

For optimal results, head rolls may be done in a warm bath under water where your head is virtually weightless.

7. How do You sleep?

Certain sleeping conditions can cause a stiff neck.

Sleeping in a cold draft will cause your neck muscles to contract during sleep.

Avoid pillows that move the neck out of its neutral alignment.

Your pillow should be firm and no thicker than the space needed for your head to lie flat on its ear without curving up the other side of the neck.

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No More Pain

In most cases of chronic pain, the pain is self-induced from poor movement habits.

By modifying your daily movement habits and patterns and being aware of the difference between “good movements” and damaging ones, you are on the road to healing yourself.

Just avoid making the damaging moves.

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