Detoxifying The Body – Trend or Sustainably Healthy?

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Especially after the winter months, detox can be seen everywhere. Anyone who takes care of himself and would like to do something positive for his body will pull it off after the winter. But is detox really as good as it’s always said? Does it help our organism to get back into gear after winter fatigue or is it a myth and just a trend that everyone simply follows?

What’s true about the myth of detoxification?

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During the winter months so-called waste products accumulate in the tissue. These are responsible for making us feel tired and beaten off. Detox may well have its good points and will certainly ensure that toxins are removed but this must be done with caution and with the right methods.

On the market there are numerous remedies, drinks and creams that make the detoxification process easier and do not make it a major undertaking. But you also have to be careful when choosing the manufacturer and choose a reputable company.

What else is left to do? If you want to get back into shape after a long winter, you can also rely on tried and tested remedies. Apple cider vinegar, fermented cabbage, there is an endless list of natural detoxification aids with which the process is also made easy.

However, the following should be noted: kidneys and liver are our detoxification stations and as long as they work properly toxins are broken down. Accordingly, natural and purchased purification aids are only a support and can push the process a little further.

But not only the kidneys and liver can be affected. A healthy intestinal flora should also always be kept in mind as this effectively protects against diseases.

Why is this trend so popular with both young and old?

Of course, many people want to do something good for their bodies. Detoxifying agents promise an improved immune system, a rejuvenation of the complexion and a stimulation of the digestion.

Whether detox light or detox fast, those who want to detoxify can use both purchased and natural remedies. One key feature is that not only nicotine, alcohol and caffeine make the body sluggish and slack, but the waste products can also be responsible for weight gain.

At this point many people are listening up. Is it really possible to escape a long diet by detoxification or at least make it a little easier? Yes, it is.

How to detox properly?

Detox always means giving up. Put the coffee, nicotine, alcohol and fatty foods aside for a few days. Instead, focus on intestinally healthy fruits, vegetables and a diet rich in fibre. In order for purification to really have an effect, the body also needs to be revived – yoga, pilates or sauna sessions can be an important pillar.

Who does not want to rely on the taste of the apple vinegar can of course also add purchased and finished detox products like BodyFokus Clean Body Detox which have been especially created for the purification. Nutritionists have turned to this topic extensively and have found a solution for almost every taste and every problem.

Detox helps the body

The myth of purification comes true piece by piece and always depends on how well the process is sustained. Although it is hardly possible to find scientific evidence yet, the successes cannot be denied.

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Detox helps the body to cleanse itself and it can’t be bad to take a break every now and then. It also can’t hurt if for some time alcohol, nicotine and high-fat foods are avoided. Nevertheless, warnings are given against a detoxification that lasts longer than two weeks – a lack of nutrients could occur in the long run.

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