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In the years gone by, no fitness program had quite the kind of impact nor the attention as much as Crossfit. With all the media mileage paired with all the famous people that are doing it, it does not come as a surprise that everyone and his dog has at the very least a slight on what it is about. But you here is where you have to be careful because there are a lot of misconceptions out there. You have heard about all of it before. From the fact that Crossfitters will not stop talking about Crossfit, while understandable, really says more about the person than Crossfit itself. And how about the idea that those who do Crossfit gets paralyzed the next day which is definitely untrue.

Dublin Crossfit challenges you to bring out the best in yourself through persistent motivation using a tool that we all know always brings out the fire in us – sport. Crossfit is a sport in the sense that you are constantly competing. You may not be fighting for your best times with someone else all the time but you get the sense that you are fighting against yourself all the time. This is the essence of Crossfit and why it is so popular, and some might even say, addictive.

To properly do Crossfit you would have to expand your vocabulary to include a few simple phrases. For instance a Crossfit gym is called a box. You would often hear the three letter abbreviation “WOD” which stands for workout of the day which simply means the exercise that is featured during that particular day.

The  first time hearing about it or seeing a video of some of the sets performed, it is normal to be a little bit intimidated. It does seem a bit extreme and might not always fit everyone’s persona. Nevertheless, you should not be afraid to give it a try. In this article we are going to talk about some of the reasons why Crossfit enthusiasts are popping up from all walks of life which might entice you to be one too.

Dublin Crossfit Keeps it Simple

Whenever I hear a friend thinking about getting fit, I always here about all the options that he or she has to choose from. He or she could invest in a home fitness studio, hire a personal trainer, and of course join a gym. This makes fitness way too complicated where in Crossfit you actually get to enjoy the advantages of each of them.

Boxes, despite the simple name is actually fully equipped for any full and meaningful workout that you might fancy. Normally, boxes have an assortment of tools that the owner invests on to ensure the quality of fitness training that their members go through.

Part of the difficulty of joining a gym is finding a gym instructor to assist you as you are only beginning. In a public gym, for instance, you may have to figure things out on your own unless you hire a personal trainer which would be costly. In crossfit, coaches are as necessary as the equipment themselves and they are there to keep you in check no matter the level that you are currently at. These coaches are not only trained in ways to make you physically stronger or faster, they know how to drive you to keep you from swaying in your pursuit of your ideal fitness. They will also keep you from injuring yourself by giving sound advice that you will start to learn on your own as you progress.

Boxes are intense in terms of hands on training. The reason for this is because, normally, boxes have fewer members than that of a regular gym. This means that there is a small group of people who will be the focus of a relatively many trainers. Members also train together which means that you will not have to pay extra for the extra staff.

Personal Attention is Assured with Dublin Crossfit

A lot of gym goers shy away from high intensity workouts because they do not feel comfortable with the thought of a lot of people watching them as they sweat it out. This is understandable in the age of social media. In Crossfit, you do not have to worry about being with a large group. As mentioned, Crossfit members that train together is normally a few in number. This also means that they have a huge propensity to bond and make each other feel close to each other. The longer you stay with your group the more you feel comfortable working out in front of them. Finally, the sense that the fitness regimen is similar to that of a competition, working out in a group is actually a motivation.

Get Buffed and Be Stronger with Dublin Crossfit

If you are like me who appreciates a few extra pounds of force when doing the daily chores, then you should consider Crossfit. While not really known for its strength training, the kind of sets that you go through actually does a pretty good strain on your muscles. This creates muscle stress, regeneration, and finally muscle growth which makes you stronger.

Because Crossfit practitioners do not emphasize heavy lifting in the training as much as the usual gyms do, it gives off a vibe that the training is completely aerobic. This cannot be further from the truth. Crossfit gives you the muscles you need to match the bodybuilders in terms of strength, albeit in a subtle manner.

The perfect description when it comes to strength exercises in Crossfit is not body building but muscle toning. This will still make you look good in a different kind of way.

Finally, the strength you gain is not put to waste as an aesthetic like in muscleman shows. The new found strength is actually functional. This is because the actions you perform when doing a Crossfit set is actually a mimicry of a lot of day to day actions. 

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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