Gym Management Software and the Upsides of Using It

No type of business is easy to manage. No matter how small it is, you can never have full focus on improving your products or services as there are also administrative concerns to address and manage. As a gym owner, you probably have realized that as well. 

Managing a gym involves a never-ending list of administrative works. Because of this, gym staff are usually unable to spend all of their time on the members. Fortunately, as this digital age has paved the way for automation and innovations, a solution that streamlines a lot of backend duties that consume resources and time is finally available. Gym management software enable owners and staff to focus more on efforts that can aid in the growth of gym businesses, including the expansion of customer base.  

Finally considering investing in gym management software? If yes, this article aims to guide you in finding the gym solution that can best address your needs. 

Gym Management Software 101

Nowadays, the majority of gym management software are web-based, i.e. they are deployed and accessible on the internet, and require a monthly subscription fee based on the package availed. All the packages come with basic features. However, their prices usually differ according to the number of staff accounts allowed, the number of member accounts the system can accommodate, the number of branches a gym has, and the advanced features gym owners are willing to avail. They are priced from $120 to $200 a month on average for a single-branched gym. Additional charges may apply in exchange for mobile apps and integrated websites. 

With varied packages available entailing different functionalities, you will want to make sure you have selected the package that has all the features you and your staff need. The last thing that should happen is you paying for functionalities you will not be using. 

What are the upsides of using a gym management software? 

Gym management software comes with a useful set of tools that are aimed to streamline the processes to save you and your staff’s time so you can focus more on enhancing your members’ experience and their overall satisfaction. It aids in organizing general aspects of your gym in one central hub and allows you to carry out a lot of essential tasks even at the comfort of your own home via your internet-connected tablet or computer. Instead of depending on paper-based or spreadsheet-based gym management which can be very time-consuming and error-prone, thus affecting the accuracy and integrity of customer data, using gym management software is a great way to streamline the processes while addressing the abovementioned issues. 

Here are the clear benefits of using one:

  • Better Management

One of the key upsides of gym management software is how it is designed to efficiently look over all the gym’s operational aspects and store all the data in one secure central hub. Even the basic packages feature automated payment processing, class or appointment scheduling, billing, membership, and reporting. With all these, the owner no longer has to invest in another set of dedicated systems in order to carry out various tasks. All of the necessary data will be accessed by using a single system alone.  

Gym management software aims to simplify the administrative tasks that eat up a lot of staff’s time daily. If the right solution is deployed and can address these challenges, the time saved can be used to enhance the other essential areas of business, like marketing the gym to target customers and strengthening the relationship with clients. 

Staff Management

To better manage your gym business, the software can also incorporate staff management module where you can assign tasks to your staff more efficiently and clearly. A lot of gym management software comes with a feature that can aid this part, rapidly resolving task management and staff scheduling issues and effectively supporting internal collaboration and communication. 

  • Lead Management

There is a plethora of gym management software options in the market today and luckily, the advanced ones are designed to also aid in lead management which is an important element in managing members. With the tight and wide competition, it is vital that your marketing team can capture potential customers and convert them into leads eventually. Thanks to sophisticated gym management software, an integrated solution that can streamline even the lead generation and prospecting areas is made available.  

Under this, there are features that can be used to implement a standardized and automated proactive approach. Specifically, these features may notify the users about calling prospects or offering them promos and discounts once they enroll in your gym. Promotional SMS and email send-outs may be likewise implemented. 

  • Membership Management

Your members are your gym’s lifeblood. Hence, the majority of your efforts should be anchored at giving them better service and enhancing member satisfaction. With gym management software, a more time-efficient and effective way of managing members and meeting their expectations is gained through the automation of daily processes and providing them a facility where they can access and organize their gym schedules online. 

It is vital to choose a gym management software that implements this feature with added security, i.e. proper user access and user access control that can manage and maintain confidential information. Depending on the advancement of the software, it can enable the members to set their goals on the app and track their progress anywhere, anytime, molding their minds to be engaged, motivated, and remain loyal to your gym.

  • Automated Billing

This feature is usually integrated under the membership module. Since members are given access to their accounts and can monitor their whereabouts, an automated billing facility will likewise help them stay financially on track. Advanced ones may even be ready in terms of accepting payments online through their payment processing facility. 

Gyms vary widely in terms of how they are governed. These days, a lot of gyms have more complicated membership approaches beyond straightforward monthly payments. If your gym is one of these, you will want to ensure that your gym software is able to address and support that. Otherwise, your return of investment is not maximized. 

  • Managerial Metrics Guide and Real-Time Report Generation

Most, if not all, gym management software allows owners and authorized users to generate reports that can give insights regarding the performance and growth of the business. Extra features can likewise let trainers generate reports about the performance of each member with an aim of strengthening client relationships and improving loyal base. 

Written by Valentin Bosioc

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