How can a doctor use Tripment reviews to get more patients?

The more positive reviews on Tripment you have, the more patients will be eager to make an appointment with you. From this article, doctors will get to know how to make the most of their clients’ reviews.

When people choose a good doctor, other patients’ reviews are one of the primary factors that they pay attention to. The more positive reviews a medical professional has, the more clients they have and the more they earn. From this article, you’ll get to know how to boost patient referrals with Tripment reviews. These recommendations should come in handy for doctors of any qualification and specialization.

Why Do People Pay Attention to Reviews?

People who are treated at hospitals rated with 5 stars are less likely to die or experience complications during their hospital stay, compared to establishments rated with 1 star. Doctors can expect that over ⅘ of their clients will check reviews before making an appointment.

For patients, reviews are one of the most important factors that help them determine the quality of medical services. For doctors, reviews are a highly powerful tool that can improve their reputation, expand their customer base and boost their income.

People are especially eager to read negative reviews. If a doctor has impressive certificates, works for a prestigious establishment, and has extensive experience in their sphere, it should be enough to prove their professionalism. In this case, positive patient reviews will come as a pleasant supplement.

But doctors will hardly criticize themselves. So negative reviews of their clients are probably the only chance to look at them from a different angle. Whenever you receive a negative review, you shouldn’t try to get rid of it or try to prove that it’s biased. Instead, you should try to get as many impartial positive reviews as possible.

What Do People Normally Mention in Their Reviews?

In their reviews, patients tend to focus primarily on the following aspects.

  • Skill and quality of care. They share their opinions on whether the medical service provider is able to provide effective treatment or not.
  • Staff. Patients describe their impressions interacting with medical office staff, who they might also interpret as nurses.
  • Communication. For every patient, it’s important to realize that the doctor listens to them, understands them and provides relevant comprehensive answers.
  • Bedside manner. This aspect describes how the doctor makes the patient feel (that is, the level of comfort).
  • Wait time. This is the time that the patient has to spend at the doctor’s office waiting for an appointment to begin. Also, it might be the time between segments of an appointment.
  • Visit time. The total time spent at the doctor’s office, including the appointment. People’s tastes differ considerably: some want their doctors to spend significant time with them, while others prefer shorter visits.

Patients who leave negative reviews often focus on wait time and visit time. As for the doctor’s skills or care quality, patients tend to assess them through the lens of their own personal results or outcomes.

How Do You Request Reviews from Patients?

In many other spheres, service providers and vendors can distribute bonuses among clients who leave reviews about them. For instance, you might receive a bonus in the form of money on your shopping account in an online bookstore if you review books on their site. But it would be weird if doctors tried to resort to the same scheme.

Medical professionals need to think about ethics and dignity. In this sphere, it’s important to maintain a certain amount of professional distance. Doctors shouldn’t approach their patients directly, asking them to review their services. Instead, they might ask their office staff or other reputable third parties to do so.

These are a few suggestions of how your office staff can approach your patients to ask them to leave a review:

  • Ask patients on their way out of your office
  • Send an email
  • Ask over the phone
  • Add a link to your practice website
  • Provide paper instructions
  • Put QR codes on postcards

Ideally, the patient should be able to click on a link and find themselves on the page where they can leave the review. You shouldn’t make them guess or search where and how they can review your services.

Always thank your reviewers for sharing their opinions. If they don’t write a review immediately after you ask them to do it, you might gently remind them about it in a while — but you should never insist. You should purposefully educate your staff about the importance of online reviews and teach them to efficiently handle this process.

How to Optimize Your Profile to Get More Reviews?

Reviewers feel more confident when they can access brief information about the doctor and double-check their facts. Most likely, you as a professional also want your reviews to be accurate and contain no mistakes. To get more high-quality Tripment reviews, you should make sure that your profile features relevant and exhaustive information.

A doctor’s profile on Tripment features five sections:

  • About
  • Prices
  • Experience
  • Location
  • Reviews

In the About section, you should write just a couple of concise passages. This text should convince people to choose you over any other professional in your sphere.

In the Prices section, you should not only list your services but also mention the duration of each of them and explain what’s included in the price.

In the Experience section, you’ll need to fill in the following fields: Specialties, Expertise, Education and training, Board certifications, Languages spoken, Experience, Professional memberships, Awards, Gender, Medical degree and Licenses. You won’t need to think of how to structure the information because the site has a perfectly intuitive layout.

In the Location section, you just pinpoint your address on a map.

Your patients’ reviews will be published right above the footer.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this information came in handy and now you know how to make the most of your Tripment reviews. Positive reviews enable patients to express their gratitude to medical specialists. People’s opinions prove the doctor’s professionalism and serve as the best recommendation for other potential clients. If you learn how to request reviews from patients and optimize your profile to make information easily accessible, you should be able to get many informative reviews on Tripment.

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