How Drug Rehab Centers Can Help You Become Your Best Self

When a person looks for drug rehab treatment, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s right for them.  Should that person choose a 12-step drug rehabilitation center, or should they enter a search for a “non-12 step drug rehab near me?” The person who is addicted is looking to get rid of drugs and alcohol from their lives and become the best person they possibly can be.  Surprisingly, that person can become their best self by entering non-12 step drug rehab treatment.

Get Ready for a New You, Holistically

When a person enters a search for “drug rehab near me,” they’ve taken their first step toward freedom.  They’re tired of the chemicals they’ve put into their body, and they don’t want to put more chemicals into themselves if they can help it.  That’s why a quality drug rehabilitation center often offers a holistic way to heal an addict’s body and mind in drug rehabilitation – naturally.  They know that some replacement medications (such as methadone) can be just as bad as the addictive substance, to the point where the addict is simply trading one dependency for another. No one wants another addiction coming from drug rehab treatment, which is why many drug rehabs offer healing holistic modalities for a person’s body and mind.

New techniques used in drug rehabilitation include mindfulness therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).  These have been shown to help people dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. In mindfulness therapy, clients learn to control their breathing and their thoughts so as to help calm themselves when they deal with stress.  CBT is a form of talk therapy where the client learns how their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors influence each other. DBT is a more intensive form of CBT which focuses on emotional and social issues the client may be facing.

The First Step Is Detox

When a person that is addicted to drugs or alcohol hears the word, “detox,” they’re likely to think how unpleasant it can be.  In drug rehab centers, detox is necessary to remove the poisons that the addict’s body is dependent on. Detox doesn’t have to be painful in drug rehab centers.  Many will treat those going through detox with holistic treatments designed to make the detox as comfortable as possible. And if the addict needs medication to handle the detox during drug rehabilitation, they supplement it with holistic therapy so that the person going through detox doesn’t need as much.

At a non 12-step drug rehabilitation center, they offer mindfulness training and breathing, yoga, healthy nutrition, body rejuvenation therapy, nutritional therapy, art and music therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, exercise and physical fitness, and adventure and experiential therapy.  These therapies work with counseling and other therapies to heal the person addicted to drugs and alcohol.

A Customized Approach to Healing

After the person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol goes through detox, they should meet with counselors to come up with a customized approach toward eliminating their addiction. Just as each person is an individual, each person has become addicted to drugs or alcohol in their own ways. Some drug rehab centers act as if one program fits all human beings, not taking into account that each person has their own problems and their own situations that led them toward drug and alcohol abuse. At different drug rehabilitation centers, they recognize each person is unique, and each person needs specialized care, so they will succeed in finally becoming drug and alcohol-free.

You are Never Alone

When a person graduates from Elevate Addiction Services, they aren’t alone.  They are assigned a counselor who will check up on them and help them, should they need help or advice. Each graduate has a specialized aftercare plan and services.  These services are at no additional costs to graduates, who have paid for them during their drug rehabilitation with Elevate Addiction Services.

When entering “find a drug rehab near me” in a search engine, consider Elevate Addiction Services.  Not the same 12-step program that the other drug rehab places follow, but a new and innovative way of treating those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol as people, not just a bundle of symptoms.

Some of the hardest obstacles for addicts to overcome are unhealthy social relationships. It’s always good for the addict to go to a rehab center which is far away from home. Entering a drug rehab program in Washington state is a great example. 

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