How to Smoke A Cheyenne Little Cigar with Style

The Cheyenne little Cigar is a popular brand of small filtered cigars that are as
stylish as they are pocket-friendly. It comes in 13 flavors. So while enjoying the
experience of smoking a cigar, you also get to luxuriate in the spectrum of flavors
that the brand offers.

Talk about the perfect balance of affordability, style, and flavor. Yet, there is a
sense of distinction in the way you smoke your Cheyenne little cigar. The artful
smoker exudes this sense of mastery when he handles his cigar and puffs
So if you’re only starting out on cigars, you don’t want to sound out to the park
that you greenhorn. Here is how to smoke your Cheyenne little cigar with style.

Set Things Up
Gently but firmly unwrap your pack of Cheyenne Cigars by removing the
cellophane wrapper encasing it. Open the lid and pick any cigar of your choice.
You may choose to give your cigar a fuller body by cutting off the filter at the end
of the cigar. Or you may choose not to. It’s a matter of taste.

Light the cigar
Casually hold the cigar in one hand between your fingers and place the end of the
cigar over the flame of your torch lighter. This is a vital part of smoking a
Cheyenne Cigars with style. Be careful not to ruin its flavor by placing it directly in the flame.

Instead, let your smoking mastery show in the casual yet deliberate way your
torch lighter teases the cigar to life; slowly but thoroughly lighting it in
preparation for a great smoking experience.

Drag on the cigar
Suck on the end of the lit cigar until smoke begins to billow from the tip. Inhale
the smoke carefully into your mouth. You will feel the flavor of the cigar more
directly since you have probably cut the end of the cigar. Let the flavors linger.
Savor it while it lasts. Some people believe that it is a lot less healthy to smoke an
unfiltered cigar but there very few other ways to fully enjoy the richness of a
cigar. You just have to be cautious not to inhale the smoke into your lungs, so you
don’t have a coughing fit.

Since you can’t keep the smoke within forever, you have to exhale it at some
point. The thing is to be classy without releasing the smoke in an immature burst.
Do it artfully.
Don’t try to be a locomotive train, furiously exhaling smoke from your mouth and
nostrils. Smoking a cigar is an experience. Wallow in it.

Take slow intermittent drags
This should only happen after you have exhaled it. Don’t try to take drugs while
there is still smoke in your mouth. Intermittent drags keep the cigar burning while
giving you more opportunities to indulge your palates in the flavor of your cigar.

Disposing of the ash

The ashes from cigars are disposed of differently than cigarettes. Slowly roll the lit
end of the cigar around the floor of the ashtray until the tip breaks off.
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Written by Valentin Bosioc

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