Is She Losing Interest in You? Here’s What May Be the Problem

Women see sexual reations as an opportunity to build a strong, intimate bond with their partners. This intimacy does not only refer to physical bonding but also emotional connection and many other factors. However, a lot of men feel their women losing interest in them after sex and turn to the internet to look for the reasons.

Are you amongst those men? If yes, here you will get to know everything. If not, you still should read this article so that you know the dos and don’ts too.

Much the same as men, women add good value to sex in a relationship. So, in case if it goes wrong, they would have no issues leaving or just lose interest in having sex with you.

We’re not simply talking firecrackers between the sheets; there can be numerous other signs from the very first occasion that could change a lady’s psyche about her partner.

All women are different but there are a few major issues which can be making your women lose interest in you. Have a look!

  • Lack of Emotional Connection or a Weak Emotional Connection

Women think having intercourse will draw them closer to their partners, both emotionally and physically. The physical and emotional association is usually unbreakable, so if it’s missing when you initially engage in sexual relations with your lady, it can be a strong turn-off.

The cause may be bad sex because of ED (erectile dysfunction) or an absence of passion which cools down your partner’s passion too instead of igniting it.

According to Click Pharmacy, ED has both a physiological and psychological impact. So if it is ED that’s causing the trouble, you need to see the doctor or talk to the pharmacy specialists to settle on a pill that will help your improve sexual performance.

  • Lack of Romance

Ladies love to be charmed and pampered with care, particularly when it is a new relationship. They value any sign or act that indicates you’re valuing them and makes them feel needed. When we talk about sex, this need just increases.

In case this is missing when you initially get intimate, at that point this can be destructive and may influence them to rethink if you’re worth it. While this problem can be solely dependent on your feelings towards your lady, this could also be a result of lack of passion in you due to problems such as ED.

Remember, if ED lasts a few weeks, it’s imperative you see a doctor.

  • Lack of Confidence

In case you lack confidence when you get physical with your partner, you won’t be able to satiate her sexual needs. This will compel her to rethink the relationship or just lose interest in you and leave. A lot of things can topple down your confidence levels but the most important one is sexual strength i.e. a weak erection, lack of passion, and short duration.

Another reason could be a distraction that you keep stressing about or focusing on when having sex. If this is the reason, it’s up to you how you control it. But if it’s that you are not confident because of low sexual strength, you ought to find a solution.

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You ought to be confident and make her feel the passion and this is only possible when you are sure of your sex drive and performance.

Do you think one of the above-given problems could be causing her to lose interest in you? Is it ED that’s making you lose your confidence and failing the relationship you have? Think, decide, and act now! The right treatment will not only give you a strong erection and relationship but will allow her to unwind and have a ball too.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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