Is Sleep for Workout Enthusiasts Overrated?

In this fast paced world, the least priority on our daily to-do list is the most important biological necessity – Sleep. For various reasons ranging from workout to over indulgence in Smartphone or Laptop, unknowingly human beings curtail the time they sleep. Apart from these commonly known reasons, mattresses are also responsible for sleep deprivation. As mattresses are not cleaned frequently, they tend to accumulate dirt and dust particles, which are linked to various problems related to health and sleep. Visit Sleeping Culture for your sleeping accessories needs. In this article, we will explore the reasons how mattresses are related to health issues and the ways to overcome those.

Back pain

Back pain and joint pain can happen for several reasons. Mattress is one of them. If you are looking a mattress for your lower back pains visit  But how do you understand whether your mattress is the real culprit? The answer is simple. If you see you back and joint aching when you wake up, your mattress is responsible.


For an ideal mattress, your spine is the king. When you workout, your spine supports you through the process. But for your spine to remain in the prime of its health, the muscles supporting spine and the spinal discs must be strong. Lying on a good mattress ensures your spine gets uniform support throughout the night. As a result, when you wake up, you feel fresher than ever with no trace of back ache.

Toss and Turn

It’s normal for a human to toss and turn while asleep, but when it happens just too much and/or you wake up more than 5 times each night, it’s a reminder for you to change your mattress. A ‘medium-firm’ mattress is often made of metal coils. While metal coil based mattresses cost less, it puts your body under undue stress by pushing back the pressure you put on it towards you. This means throughout the night you fight with your mattress, resulting in less rest. And for an already exhausted workout enthusiasts’ health, nothing can be more dangerous than inadequate sleep.


Ideally, you should change your mattress every 9 years if you sleep alone. In case you have a partner, change it within 7 years. While choosing an appropriate mattress, remember that a good mattress is neither too soft, nor too hard. A Foam based mattress is proven to have more beneficial effects than a coil based mattress since the former evenly distributes your body’s pressure to help you take a peaceful nap.


Surprising as it seems, snoring is oftentimes linked to mattress more than anything else. While excessive workout, pollution and heart problems may be triggers, a mattress can stimulate it beyond proportion. A medium-firm’ mattress doesn’t have the support mechanism your neck and back requires for placing the throat tissues in its right place.


Snoring is the earliest indication of sleep apnea. If unattended, sleep apnea may lead to asthma or other heart diseases and in extreme cases, even death. During workout, it’s always advisable to take advice from an expert while making the routine. In the same way, when choosing a mattress, it’s always advisable to buy it from a brand having proven expertise in the field. This is because an ideal mattress would ensure proper positioning of your head, neck, and back; thereby making you feel more relaxed and naturally without little or no snoring.

The maxim One Size Fits All’ is not apt when it comes to selecting the right mattress for you. While a person leading a sedentary lifestyle requires a mattress that is not too soft, a workout enthusiast’s athletic body requires soft cushioning to relax the muscles after a hard day’s labor. Since an athletic person has less subcutaneous body fat, the material of the mattress must be mushy to strike a proper balance between the body and the mattress. Spring, foam, or latex; choosing the right mattress for you requires more deliberation in this age of technological advancement. A spring mattress costs the lowest and doesn’t usually have a shelf life of more than 5 years since the springs tend to lose its tautness after prolonged use. If you are planning to buy a foam based mattress, do a thorough research to find out whether the mattress contains any lead, formaldehyde, or mercury in it. If you are choosing a latex based mattress, choose an organic and natural mattress as it is dust and mold resistant. In a nutshell, before buying a mattress, it’s good to review the specifications, zero in on one or two products, and sleep on each one for 15-20 minutes to ensure it fits you properly.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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