Key Teeth Health Tips To Give You A Great Smile

Maintaining healthy teeth gives you a beautiful smile, and help you stay healthy overall. Meanwhile, poor oral hygiene can be linked with diabetes, heart disease, and complications in one’s pregnancy.

Likewise, losing a tooth can make it difficult to consume a healthy diet. Thus, it leads to further health issues because of poor oral hygiene.

Tips On Keeping A Healthy Teeth For A Great Smile

If you have always wondered how to achieve that picture-perfect smile, all it really takes is good hygiene and taking care of your teeth. Follow these tips on maintaining healthy teeth to achieve that beautiful smile.

  • Regular Brushing

The easiest way to keep your teeth clean and healthy is brushing your teeth twice a day. Utilize a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste containing fluoride. Brush your teeth 30-45 minutes after eating or drinking.

  • How to brush your teeth and gums: Position your toothbrush at 45 degrees angles near the gum line. The surface of your tooth and gum line must meet with the bristles. Further, brush the exterior surfaces of your teeth in an up-and-down motion, back-and-forth. Make sure to do this gently to avoid bleeding gums. Do the same process when cleaning the interior surfaces of your gums and teeth. Lastly, brush the roof of your mouth and the surface of your tongue to get rid of bacteria which causes bad breath.
  • Brush regularly: The key here is brushing regularly at least twice a day. Brush your teeth and gums after breakfast and before bedtime. You may also brush every after meal if you want to be extra clean. Just make sure to do it gently.
  • Flossing

Flossing can be tedious and most people forget to do it after brushing. However, flossing helps get rid of excess food particles and other unhealthy substances which brushing cannot remove. Moreover, flossing helps you extend deeper in between your teeth where neither mouthwash nor bristles can reach and wash those residues away. It is recommended to floss at least once a day. But, if you have braces, then it is recommended to floss every time after brushing your teeth.

  •   Consume Calcium and Vitamins for Your Teeth

Your teeth also needs vitamins and calcium for its health. Calcium is essential for both your teeth and bones. Consume milk and calcium-rich foods such as broccoli, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.

Likewise, you may take calcium supplements and vitamins that are necessary for supporting the health of your teeth and gums. Make sure to take doses of supplements that are appropriate for your age and according to your prescription.

  • Avoid Tobacco

Tobacco is dangerous to your teeth, gums and overall health. Furthermore, avoiding tobacco saves you from periodontal problems and oral cancer. It also saves you from numerous ill effects that are caused by elements that mask the smell of cigarette or tobacco. For instance, people consume candies, coffee, or tea to cover the smoky and powerful odor of cigarettes. Consuming them in addition to nicotine only causes twice the damage to your health.

Visit Your Dentist

Keeping the tips in mind is easy and you can achieve them if you follow them religiously. Also, visit a dentist like the ones at Markhoul Dentistry at least twice a year to have a full dental hygiene treatment. During your appointment, the dentist may perform x-rays to help detect potential dental issues and counteract dental problems that may happen in the future.

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