Legs Home Workout

2. The second exercise is swiss ball hamstrings – glutes raises.

– Begin exercise by grabbing exercise ball in open area with heels on the ball, hips and core of the ground leaving only upper back/shoulders placed on the ground
– Engage the hamstrings and pull the ball as far into your body as possible squeezing them at the peak of the movement
– Keeping the hips high, slowly roll the back out to the starting position


Perform 4 sets x 25 reps at least.

3.  Exercise 3 – Stairwell Calf Raises

– Stand allowing your heels to drop off the back of a stair.
– Rise up, lifting the heels as high as you can, contract the calf muscle.
– Lower back down to the starting position (heels below the stair) resisting your body weight.



Perform 5 sets x 30 reps.

BONUS: If you think you can handle it, you can finish your home legs workout with a few sets of “L” lunges. Do one front lunge, and then the same leg goes into a side lunge. That’s one rep. Perform at least 15 Ls on one leg. Do 3 sets.

There you have it! If you don’t have the time, or don’t feel like going to the gym when it’s legs day, you can do this legs home workout!

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