Pure CBD Oil for Sale: How To Know If It’s Really Genuine

The purity of the oil extracted from the cannabis plant – otherwise known as CBD oil – isn’t easy to measure at all as the market for it doesn’t have any regulations at the moment. Some manufacturers looking to make a quick buck can thus claim that their CBD oil is “pure” and then sell it to those who don’t know better. If it’s your first time to purchase CBD oil, you’ll want to know if it’s pure or not by considering the following:

  • Pure CBD oil doesn’t have alcohol added to it.

As CBD oil itself is very thick and sticky, manufacturers mix the said herbal extract with another liquid for consumption purposes. Unfortunately, some of them resort to mixing CBD oil with ethyl alcohol or propylene glycol, thus making the final product impure and hazardous to your health.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers mix CBD oil with organic coconut oil to preserve the cannabinoids present in the former, thus making the resulting mixture pure.

  • Legitimate pure CBD oil manufacturers would walk you through their entire oil extraction process.

Manufacturers of pure CBD oil with nothing to hide would publish their entire oil extraction process on their website or provide it to you after calling their customer service hotline. On the other hand, CBD oil manufacturers claiming that their product is pure even if it isn’t would leave you in the dark as to how they made it.

  • Pure CBD oil should have THC – or tetrahydrocannabinol – levels amounting to 0.3 percent or fewer.

THC is a psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant. But the ones used to make pure CBD oil have very low THC levels. However, those levels can climb up if a manufacturer had poorly extracted CBD oil from several cannabis plants.

So when buying CBD oil, you’ll want to ask for third-party lab results from its manufacturer. The said results should indicate that the CBD oil you’ve bought has 0.3 percent THC or even less, thus making it pure.


The demand for pure CBD oil is rising fast enough as more and more people are learning about the various health benefits that the herbal extract can bring them. But as manufacturing CBD oil has no defining set of guidelines yet, coming upon pure CBD oil can get challenging. The above-listed ways to know if a certain CBD oil is pure or not should make it easier for you to buy one – preferably from a reliable retailer such as Trusted CBD Oil. After all, you deserve to have access to true CBD oil and not just one pretending to be pure.

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