Rich Piana’s heartbroken girlfriend Chanel Jansen speaks about his last moments

Rich Piana’s Legacy VIDEO

I guess by now everybody knows what happened with Rich Piana. BODYBUILDER  Rich Piana has died more than two weeks ago after he was placed in an induced coma. You all know the story, and the rumours.

However, after everything what was going out, the fitness model and instagram sensation Chanel Jansen uploaded a video where she talks about what happened. She describes how bodybuilder’s eyes ‘rolled back into the back of his head’ when he collapsed as she cut his hair.

See the video below:


In a tear-jerking account, she provided a detailed description of the moment the Californian collapsed as she trimmed his hair in their bathroom.

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Jansen, 29, said: “[Rich] said ‘I want you to cut my hair’.

“He leaned forward and I thought he was stretching his neck so I could cut the back of his neck.

“All of a sudden he started to fall back to me. I said ‘baby are you OK?’

“His eyes were rolling into the back of his head.

“I went to catch him but he was sweating and he fell and bumped his head. His eyes were wide open and he was gasping.”

A panicked Jansen described how she believed the gym fanatic could be suffering from sleep apnea.


But she soon realised something much more serious was at hand when she spoke to a 911 operator.

She added: “I rolled him to his side, slapped him across his face, screamed his name and dialled 911.

“The operator told me ‘you have to roll him on his back and start compressions’.

“I was jumping up and down on him with all my might to keep his heart pumping.

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“[It was] ten minutes before paramedics arrived. When they came in they said he was unresponsive.

“They took him into the living room and worked on him for 20 minutes. They de-fibbed him to get him back and took him to hospital in an ambulance.”

Despite paramedics bringing the social media superstar back from the brink of death he remained unconscious in hospital and passed away three weeks later.

Rich Piana was a controversial public person, but never the less he was loved and a really honest guys. He had lots of haters, but also he was loved by many!

Check out below an amazing tribute video made after he passed away


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