For Stronger Abs, Add This 2-Minute Ab Workout to your Routine

It is believed that having a six-pack is only achievable if you put a lot of effort in it. And what if they follow simple rules that helped them to pump up beautiful abs? Only a few effective recommendations and their implementation will help you to get fit in no time!

Major Errors When Training

Many myths have developed about the workout for abs. Perhaps, these myths carry guilt for the fact that only small number of people succeed in getting these cherished abs. Not to step on these rakes, let’s list these myths with a detailed explanation.

Myth 1: Exercises For The Abs to Remove The Fat From The Waist

A lot of people think that if fat deposits are in a specific location (e.g., the abdomen), and exercises need to be specifically for that area. In fact, the fat goes away gradually from the entire body if you spend more calories than getting.

Why only abdomen-exercises for weight loss are a bad idea? Those exercises are little help regarding calorie-burning. For example, 20 lifts from a lying position burn only seven calories, while Big from McDonald’s contains approximately 570 calories. Don’t you even try to count how many you need to do to burn that amount of calories?

Myth 2: A Large Number of Repetitions Lead to Perfect Abdomen

Abs are no different from other muscles in your body. Therefore the principles of workout should be the same. You don’t do 100 curls to make your biceps bigger. So why do it for abs? The same number of repetitions that you do for other muscle groups (no more than 15) is also suitable for abs.

Another nice addition to getting perfect abs is the fact that these exercises (if done right) are quite some help when it comes to different types of arthritis.


Myth 3: Abdominal Muscles Need A Daily Workout

You don’t need to work out more than 3 times a week to have a perfect abdomen. Give your muscles at least a day of rest. Like most of the muscles in our, abdominal muscles consist of two types of fiber: fast and slow. The slow ones are responsible for the maintenance of the posture and power of endurance. Fast fibers allow you to make a drastic effort like in the case of abs-exercises.

Myth 4: Several Exercises Are Enough

The more diverse set of exercises you perform, the better and faster you can get a result. This is because the abdominal muscles adapt quicker if you run the same set of exercises. Don’t push yourself too much and these exercises will even give you some arthritis joint pain relief. 

Myth 5: Performing Abdominal Exercises While Without A Diet Can Still Give Good Results

Theoretically, it is possible if you don’t have any extra weight, you do not overeat and perform physical activities daily. However, the most effective way to a cherished six-pack is to “beat” fat on every front – the result will be forthcoming.

How To Start The Path To Beautiful Abs?

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Motivation is your key to success. The main point here is the more specific your goal, the more likely you’ll achieve it. Saying: “I want to have a beautiful abs” is not enough. Such a statement is too vague. But if you take a photo of some nice-shaped abs, and tell yourself “ This is what I want to achieve,” results will come quicker.

You also need to set an intermediate and short-term goal. An example for a short-term goal can be: “I want to train regularly, normalize my diet.”

For the intermediate target, you can select a specific parameter of your body (e.g., waist size or weight) that needs to be changed in the specific time slot.

Next step is to start developing some basic exercises for abdominal muscles that you are the most comfortable with.

Basic Exercises For Abs

The best part about here is that not only are these exercises easy to do, but they also do not require too much time, meaning they are perfect for those of you with not enough time for regular gym sessions. They can easily be done at home, in front of TV. Put on your favorite show and get on with it. Not only will these exercises improve your body, a little physical activity before going to bed will also help you sleep better.

Exercise 1: Lift bent legs while lying on your back

Exercise 2: Lift upper body to the left and right while lying on your back and touch your knees

Exercise 3: Lift upper body forward while lying on your back

Exercise 4: Lift your hands and legs while lying on your stomach

Exercise 5: Balancing on your hands and toes, lift your whole body and hold it in the straight line for some time


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Don’t forget that it’s always easier said than done. So don’t get disappointed if you don’t see any changes after a week of regular exercises: it takes some time for your body to adapt to new physical activities and start to change.

Anyone can do it. The only thing is distinguishing those, who succeeded from those, who didn’t, is the strength of their desire to achieve something!

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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