The Best Effective Exfoliation Methods – You Should Know

Who doesn’t love having ever-fresh glowing skin? Everyone desires to look them brighter and fairer. And you may have a deeper fascination to maintain your younger looking forever. In the meantime, you may invest a huge amount of your valuable time and money behind exfoliation. In the wordbook of dermatology, the term exfoliation refers to the process of wiping out dead outer skin cells. According to the dermatological studies, this is a proven way of removing dry skin cells and rejuvenating them with glower appearance.

Although the modern medical science has upgraded the skin-nourishing exfoliating processes, all of them don’t suit with all genres of skin cells equivalently. You know that human skin may be of different forms like sensitive, oily, dry, normal, and combined skin. This is the problem to choose the right exfoliating option for the right skin type.

When you are going to choose exfoliation, you should fix whether it is safe for your skin or not. Be sure the method you have fixed that wouldn’t cause any damage to your skin cells. After vast research, today I will share you the best methods of exfoliation those are harmless and effective to offer your skin the shiny natural looking.


Mechanical exfoliation methods: In spa, saloon or parlor the mechanical exfoliation methods are overwhelmingly used to nourish dry skin cells. There are different types of tools, techniques, and ingredients those are applied for mechanical exfoliation. Based on the skin-types the forms of the method can vary. It includes body scrub, skin brushing, and salt grow nourishing. 

  • Body scrub: This is a widely used mechanical exfoliation method that is applicable at home. It may cause much inflammation depending on the types of skin. So, while utilizing this approach, you should take the close advice of an expert dermatologist.
  • Skin brushing: It’s a simple and relatively less harmful mechanical measure to erase dry and dead skin cells. You need a comfortable and quality brush to do the job.
  • Salt grow nourishment: You can use many natural ingredients to grow useful salt in the arid skin cells for reviving them. Jojoba oil, sunflower extracts, and cucumber are used in the particular method.

Microdermabrasion: This is a mechanical exfoliation method to eliminate the uneven dry outer skin layer. Under this method, a sophisticated instrument is used which is a little bit abrasive to remove the thicker dead cells. It helps to repair damaged skin layers and nourishes the acne scars. Besides, the skin-reviving method is familiar to treat age spots, sun damages, scarring, decoloration, and stretch marks from eyes and face. However, dermatologists have cautioned to the over application and suggest to go for the best microdermabrasion system. You may face some side effects due to its overuse. For the best practice at home, you can follow the experts’ opinion.Before choosing this particular measure, you should fix it by a dermatologist that whether it is suitable for your skin or not.


Chemical exfoliation method:In recent years, chemical exfoliation is one of the best-practiced methods with remarkable positive results. It’s somewhat different from the mechanical approach where chemical particles are used to delete the dusty dermis layers. The medical science has divided the chemical exfoliation method into two major categories such as Alpha Hydroxyl Acids-AHAs and Beta Hydroxyl Acids-BHAs. The solubility is the basic difference between AHA and BHA solutions.


  • Alpha Hydroxyl Acids-AHAs: There are many natural sources of the alpha hydroxyl acids those offer side-effect free solutions to the outer gray velum layers. It helps to rejuvenate and grow new cells on the skin surface. As because, AHAs are water soluble and cannot reach the depth of the skin; it causes no harmful effect on human body. You can get this acid in many forms like glycol, lactic, citric, and tartaric acid. And these acids are found in various fruits those are completely natural.
  • Beta Hydroxyl Acids-BHAs: Unlike AHAs, the beta hydroxyl acids are oil soluble and penetrate much deeper of the skin. The anti-inflammatory beat acids are popular in the dermatological treatment because of its proactive action. The wintergreen oil and the willow tree bark are the best sources of the beta acids. It’s proven that the beta acids are highly cost-effective to treat dry and dead skin cells. It causes no harm to any types of skin.

None can deny the importance of smooth and lively skin in our lives. Due to aging, hard-working, and any other causes your skin cells can lose its normal looking. Of course, you never want to mar the natural beauty of your dermis. With these techniques, you can easily exfoliate your skin at your home. Therefore, try them and have ever-shining animated skin.

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