Tips to Help Improve Your Daily Workout Routine

Exercise is not exactly science. After all, it is different for everyone… different strokes for different folks. But one reality rings true: Doing something is far better than nothing.

An exercise routine ought to combine attempt with results, fitness, and fun.

Is it time to commit to some new workout regimen? Are you bored of saying you will exercise, get a great body and then not proceed without a plan? The following tips will help improve your daily workout routine and your success.

Choose an Interesting and Fun Workout

Perhaps one reason your past workout routines have failed is that you never appreciated the workout, and you began to feel the workout routine became more of a burden rather than a fun activity that you are enthusiastic about.

If you pick an enjoyable workout, then you will find yourself more enthusiastic to get up in the morning and do the activity. Further, a fun workout will help you keep a positive attitude.

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Here are some ways to help you choose an interesting and fun workout:

  • Research what kind of workout you would really enjoy and what suits you best.
  • Ask family members and friends what they prefer to do as their workout.
  • Try out a few types of workout and determine which ones you like and which ones you don’t like.

Start Small

In case you haven’t exercised in a little while, setting goals for your everyday workout regimen may force you to second-guess your abilities, feel overwhelmed and lack motivation.

  • Take baby steps: Do not commit to running a marathon in six months and train every day without any support or knowledge of long-distance running. It is totally okay to take baby steps before moving on to larger goals and accomplishing a few targeted goals.
  • See improvements: Seeing small wins and improvements can help motivate you to focus on consistency in your daily workout routines. It is more essential to remain motivated than to concentrate on the duration of time of your workout. Once your motivation is set, then you can work on enhancing your training session.
  • Start with a small bit of exercise each day: Simply start with a warm-up and observe how it makes you feel. If you enjoyed the workout, you will look forward to doing it again tomorrow and the following days.

A Daily Workout Routine Has to Be Done Daily

Getting into the habit of your daily workout routine is achieved by simply showing up and actually doing it daily. Further, committing to your workout routine or class will make completing the daily workout easier. If you are mentally ready to do your workout session or training, then you will most likely stay and finish the session.

Utilize the 30-Day Challenge Strategy

You might have seen a few 30-day challenges on social media. People do them because they work effectively and are great in keeping your motivation.

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These challenges presume that you are dedicated to committing to your workout routine for 30 days. Keeping in mind that you will only do it for 30 days will make the routine more bearable. Likewise, you will see how many days you have left and will help motivate you to the end. It can also be motivating to be aware that your challenging workout will end after 30 days.

Establish SMART Goals

Establish daily, monthly and annual goals. Like we revealed earlier, it is very essential to start with baby steps. Start with a daily goal and once it is accomplished, proceed to weekly, monthly and then annual goals.

  • Establishing SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) goals will make your workout routine easier to go through. Write down your goals so you will be able to visualize what must be done, and what you can expect. Also, you can formulate a plan and strategies on how to achieve those goals.
  • Additionally, it is important to keep track of your daily progress: In case you missed your workout as you had no other option, write it down and do not discourage yourself. In case you are missing your workout because you are not feeling up to it, then try to set smaller, doable goals and determine what is missing in your motivation. 

Moreover, check out applications that can help you track your progress and set goals. Some workout applications also provide you tips, points, rewards and motivational reminders along your workout routine.

Formulating a new workout routine can be a bit challenging. Thus, set achievable goals and do small, practical steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, always remember that changes and results do not happen overnight. Take small steps, and later you will realize how much you have changed without even knowing it. If you think you need more professional advice, perhaps psychologists from TG Psychology might be able to help you with the motivational and inspirational aspects of your routine.

Todd Griffin

Todd is the Director and Principal Psychologist at TG Psychology, in Penrith, NSW. He has over 14 years of experience working with adults and young people in both public health and private practice settings. He has treated people from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a variety of emotional health and behavioural issues, including: depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger, addictions, trauma and grief. He has also facilitated a number of group programs, treating a wide range of issues: from quitting cannabis, to social skills training, self-esteem development and deliberate self-harm behaviours.

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