Tips To Marketing Your Health Website More Effectively

If you’re in the health industry, it’s very likely that you have a health website ready to help prospects, leads, and customers get to know your brand better. After all, what better way to appeal to a digital audience than to make a website that introduces your brand, services, and products to them, right? Unfortunately, your business won’t exactly bloom by just settling with a health website, you have to be able to market it as well. This article will explore some tips to marketing your health website more effectively.

If you feel as though you’re not convinced with the importance of properly marketing your health website, perhaps a few statistics might help you out. Did you know that Google – perhaps the top search engine – gets at least 100 billion searches every month? This number is important if you want your health website to market your brand, service, or product, as 81-percent of shoppers do research about products online before making purchases, and 72-percent who did local searches are likely to visit a store close to them. This means if you want to attract a particular user-base, marketing your site properly can give you that boost you need to appeal to a wide market. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Optimize it for mobile viewing: Perhaps one of the core tenets of marketing your website is to make sure it’s friendly for mobile users. Remember that most, if not all, viewers of online content do so from at least two devices, one of which is a desktop computer, the other is any one of the many mobile devices available. Make sure your website is optimized to be viewed on any device in order to keep your readers’ attention.
  • Make it easier to navigate: When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing companies such as Studio 56 would probably advise you that one of the best ways to achieve traction with your audience is to make a website that is easy to navigate. This is not only because it can make you rank better with search engines, but it can make your viewers have a much comfortable – and therefore enjoyable, and perhaps longer – time with your website.
  • Write informational blogs: A health website won’t be complete without information about health – be it in the form of a product or a service. Regardless if you have products or services to promote or not, a powerful way to boost traction to your website is by relying on informational blogs to spread information on health to your audience. Health is quite a popular topic across any age group, and as such you have quite a variety of issues and topics to cover. Make sure blogs you write aren’t just informative, but they are empathic to the plights of your readers as well.
  • Connect to your readers via email: Always make sure you have the option to let your customers and viewers subscribe to your site via email. It’s a good step towards connecting with them and making them feel special, especially when you start releasing exclusive content to them. Make sure you have deals, special promos, and exclusive email information ready for consumers to enjoy in order for them to slowly be familiarized with your site and its branding.
  • Create educational visuals: In today’s digital market, using visuals is the game. Make sure that aside from helpful blogs, you also rely on informative images, graphics, infographics, and videos in order to share information to your viewers. If you can get professionals on camera speaking about aspects of their specialization, your health website will surely have a boost of credibility that you need.
  • Engage and build relationships with social media: Perhaps one of the key requirements of an effective digital marketing strategy is to make sure you start engaging with your audience on social media. Create pages and profiles in popular social media websites and begin posting informative and relevant content on them. Make sure you engage and build relationships with your readers by responding to their queries, and to release posts relevant to their needs.

The Bottomline: Health Website Marketing Takes Strategy

Marketing your health website takes research, time, and effort – things that mean developing a strategy and implementing it wouldn’t necessarily bring you the kind of views, returns, and conversions you’ve been expecting overnight. This also means, however, that developing a marketing strategy for your health website will need a lot of research and assessment, and investing towards the right people, tools, and processes to ensure your website secures the kind of growth it needs in the long run. The above tips should be enough to push you towards the right direction of marketing your health website – but remember, these tips still need personal tweaking depending on how you envision your website to become in the future.

Tristan Gray

Tristan is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of Studio 56. With years of experience in the digital marketing field and business world, Tristan prides himself on delivering high quality marketing services to clients in the Allied Health sector. S56 specialises in partnering with Allied Health practices to boost their overall ROI. He has a loving family and enjoys traveling in his free time.

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