Top 5 Benefits of Having Safe Sex and How to Test for Stds

Having sex does more than just improve your relationship. It can improve your body and overall health. But sex isn’t always safe. It’s still important to practice safe sex to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Here are some reasons why sex is good for us as well as some details on methods of testing for sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs.

The Advantages of Having Safe Sex

When we’re talking about safe sex, what comes to mind first? Ideally, safe sex is all about protecting yourself and your partner against any sexually transmitted diseases. You can be safe by using female and male condoms for intercourse. At some point, a focus on safe sex may also help you keep healthy and may even make sex a better experience for the both of you.

Here are the advantages of practicing safe sex that you can consider:

Safe sex is effective in preventing STDs.

Unlike the traditional way of having sex, safe sex refers to sexual contact that doesn’t include semen exchange, vaginal fluids, and even blood between you and your partner. Practicing safe sex also means reducing the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.

Safe sex doesn’t have side effects.

Since there’s no exchange of fluids between partners, safe sex means having no side effects at all, lessening your susceptibility to any diseases.

Safe sex can help your method of birth control work better.

Doing safe sex can provide you with more pregnancy protection. Remember that safe sex allows you and your partner to make love without worrying about getting pregnant. While no birth control method is 100 percent effective, practicing safe sex can serve as a backup to prevent pregnancy.

Safe sex can improve overall health.

Apart from offering protection against STDs, safe sex can also help improve your health and reduce the risk of getting other physical illnesses. It can also prevent you from feeling stressed because of too much worrying about pregnancy and STDs.

Safe sex can increase sexual pleasure.

Safe sex is also great because it reduces any stress you might have from worries about STDs, which can kill the mood. If you don’t want to ruin the moment by worrying too much about the likelihood of pregnancy or STDs, practicing safe sex at all times is an excellent option.

Ways to Test STDs

Remember that having safe sex decreases the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. But if you’re in a sexual relationship with someone for quite some time, it’s essential to talk to a doctor and have yourself tested. Below are some ways to check STDs:

  • Blood sample
  • Swab inside your mouth
  • Swab from the genitals
  • Swab from any sores or discharge
  • Urine sample

Ideally, safe sex isn’t just about having sexual pleasure in intercourse. It’s also about being healthy in the long run. As much as you want to experience satisfaction in every sexual contact you’ll have with your partner; it’s still best to think about being sexually safe at all times. By having regular STD screening and minimizing the number of sexual partners, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of unexpected pregnancy and STDs.

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