Top 5 Hand-Eye Coordination Sports and Their Health Benefits

Eye-Hand Coordination Sports

The visual ability is called eye-hand coordination. This technique requires you to use both eyes to lead, direct and guide the actual movements that your hands are making.

A visual skill used in many different sports such as Baseball, Table Tennis, Hockey, Racquetball, and pool/billiards can be quite beneficial when it comes to improving eyesight naturally. Here is Top 5 hand eye coordination sports and their health benefits showing you how they develop hand-eye coordination:

Table Tennis;

Table tennis, is also like ping-pong, is a sport enjoyed by many people of all skill levels. In fact, it is the most popular sport using ping pong rackets in the world. To begin, you will need some supplies: a table that is divided by a net, two small rackets or paddles, and a hollow lightweight ball. You will also need at least two players. Proper form and scoring must also be understood to learn to play ping pong. The game is fast-paced, so you must be “on your toes” at all times in the match. Keeping your eye on the ball is the only way to compete successfully. From backhands to topspin, there is much to understand in the game of ping pong. Whoever misses returning the ball loses the point.

Health benefits;

-It consistently develops your hand-eye coordination.

-Playing this tabletop game is a great way to exercise your brain.

-You engage both the upper and lower parts of your body, you utilize hand-eye coordination skills, and you perform an aerobic activity.

-Another benefit of playing is that you consistently develop your hand-eye coordination.


The pool is a game that is played on a table that is waist-high from the floor. This particular set aims to use a mallet, paddle or specific striker to force the Puck into the opponent’s goal. This game is an example of a hand-eye coordination exercise because the player has to use both his eyes to track the movement of the puck so that he can respond quickly by blocking his opponent from scoring. By utilizing the mallet or paddle with both hands, he can guide the puck with trick shots into the unsuspecting opponent’s goal.

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Health benefits;

-It Improves vision.

-Engaging in physical activity promotes bone growth and helps the child elude conditions such as osteoporosis in adulthood.

-Socialization contributes to one’s mental health.

-Can assist in weight loss.

-Enhances muscle strength.


By playing games such as Baseball you are improving both the skill of hand-eye coordination and at the same, you are promoting your eyesight. It is because the opponent in this game knows how to respond quickly to the moves that his opponent is making. For instance, he uses both eyes that guide his hand in making a quick response by hitting the ball back to his opponent.

Health benefits;

-It Improves vision.

-It provides physical exercise.

-Baseball Improves mental performance.

-It improves muscle function.

-You become stronger emotionally, and you get to experience stability when under pressure, especially if you are almost at the end of the game where each team is trying to make the final points to win the game.


You can improve hand-eye coordination with a series of Racquetball. Racquetball games are useful in enhancing hand-eye-coordination. For example, throwing and catching are activities that will strengthen eyesight while improving eye-hand coordination because of the role that the eyes play in tracking the ball and reacting to it appropriately with both hands. An activity such as hitting a ball with a bat or a Racquet simultaneously improves eyesight while improving eye-hand coordination. To do this gently, you can practice a string to attach the ball to a racket to hit the ball.

Racquets vary from person to person, age, gender, etc. You need to be careful to select the perfect racquetball racquets sometime racquets that don’t suit you may lead you to injury. There are a few factors to consider to get the best racquetball racquet that suits your playstyle.

Health benefits;

-It Improves vision.

-A fast-paced sport that can be played alone or with friends, inside or outdoors, its fun, exciting, versatile activity.

-Racquetball helps in weight loss.

-It enhances proper muscle development.

-improve the brain function.


Tennis seems hard to learn, but with focus, determination, knowledge and constant practice you will succeed. The sport involves different movements in every direction to get to the balls but also to recover. A split step has to be done before every single shot and allows the player to be light on his feet and to be ready to move to the ball. It helps in eye exercise in those different moves made.

Health benefits

-Improves vision

-Fat Reduction and lipid profile maintenance

-Body Balance Maintenance

-Personality Enhancement

-Improved body Coordination

-Social skill Improvement

-Immunity Development

-Effective dietary habit

-Aerobic as well as anaerobic health improvement

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In conclusion, an essential part of hand-eye coordination is a good vision. It is impossible for your brain to respond to visual cues appropriately if you do not see clearly. It means that improving and maintaining your image is crucial to everyday function. There are many eye exercises to improve the image. Like any other muscles in your body, your eyes need regular exercise to be healthy. These tasks can be as simple as blinking or tracing imaginary shapes with your eyes. Eye exercises to improve vision work the muscles around the eyes, as well as those in the eyes, that help your eyes to focus and see clearly.

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