Top 7 Best Muscle-Building Isolation Exercises You Must Try

Do you like to work out on a regular basis? Are you interested in muscle-building isolation exercises in particular? If you have provided an affirmative answer to either one of these two questions, you have arrived at the right resource. In this article, you will find the best muscle-building isolation exercises, which will allow you to work on specific muscle groups and develop lean muscle mass. Keep in mind that these exercises will have a positive on cardiovascular health and blood circulation; you can benefit from this form of training if you suffer from erectile dysfunction & libido loss. You can also resort to foods that enhance your sex drive, in order to counteract such issues.

#1 Nordic hamstring curl

This particular exercise targets the hamstrings, muscles responsible for the extension of the hip and the flexion of the knees. For this exercise, it is recommended to place a pad under your knees; the knees should be placed under a solid support as well. This exercise is not for beginners, as it is quite difficult to perform; pull-down stations can be used in an elevated position, to make things easier.

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#2 Standing barbell curl

The standing barbell curl is an efficient exercise for the biceps muscles, being much more efficient than the seated version. It is recommended to begin your workout with this particular exercise, trying different weights (a heavier load can be used from the standing position). Avoid, however, using weights that are too heavy, as you will lose the benefit of the exercise. Once again, these exercises have a positive effect on the blood circulation, helping with certain problems, such as erectile dysfunction; for these issues, you should also consider an erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

#3 Leg extension

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The leg extension is particularly targeted at the quad muscles, being easy to perform, including by beginners. As opposed to other leg exercises, which are intended for major muscle groups, this particular one concentrates on the above-mentioned muscles. The leg extension actually involves the extension of the knees for a seated and slightly inclined position; you can perform this exercise before squats, so that you provide the joints with a little bit of pre-training. You can also increase the difficulty of the exercise by pointing your feet inward and not forward, as it is commonly done. As your feet are pointed inwards, the outer quad muscles are stimulated and the intensity of the training is increased.

#4 Cable push-down

The cable push-down is one of the most efficient exercises for the triceps muscles, in particular for the lateral and medial heads. The exercise activates the triceps muscles, without putting too much effort on the long head. It is recommended to begin with a smaller weight, increasing the load gradually. You can also decide on the type of grip, as well as on the position of the body and the actual handle to be used for the exercise. Avoid elbow flaring, as this will reduce the tension experienced at the level of the triceps muscles.

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#5 Standing dumbbell lateral raise

The standing dumbbell lateral raise is an ideal exercise for the deltoid muscle, especially for the middle part. You can gradually increase the weight, depending on your current fitness level. What matters is that you raise your upper arms on the lateral sides of the body, so that the middle part of the deltoid benefits from the exercise. The elbows should be slightly bent and kept raised as well, so that the muscles remain contracted. The standing version is more difficult than the seated one, so give it time.

#6 Dumbbell fly

If you are looking for an exercise to train your pectoral muscles, the dumbbell fly is an ideal choice to consider. You can use a workout bench and dumbbells of the desired weight for this exercise. Make sure that the elbows are kept in a slightly bent position, so that you work exactly on the pectoral muscles. The flat bench can be inclined or declined, as you wish. Avoid over stretching the shoulder joints, as will affect the efficiency of the exercise.

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#7 Hamstring curl (machine)

In the situation that you are not satisfied with the quality of your hamstring curls, you can use a machine for the same exercise. The hamstring curl is one of the top isolation exercises, allowing you gain muscle mass at the level of the hamstrings. The machine can help you isolate these muscles, in a more efficient manner than the traditional way.

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These are some of the best muscle-building isolation exercises you should consider trying the next time you are at the gym. These might take some time to master but, in the end, they will be all worth it. As for the erectile dysfunction problem, you can consider taking testosterone-boosting male enhancement supplements, such as the ones reviews is mention here Virectin reviews. These can make a genuine difference in your sexual life.

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