Top Reasons Leading to Dental Damage and their Repair

Dental Damage Repair

You may be very careful with your most essential prosthetic, your denture. But, you do not know when an unfortunate event like an accident comes in your life and your dentures gets broken. In most of such situations people face a tough time even they may experience inability to chew their food. But, at the same time you must have realized by now, that any denture user seldom keeps a spare one ready to deal with such unfortunate situation. You must be having spare tyres and spare spectacles, but, most likely not a spare denture. Therefore, your awareness on denture care and denture repairs is equally important in order to keep your remaining teeth in shape and in good health. Once in six months you always need to consult with a dentist to retain the quality of your dentures and to stay healthy for a long time.

Denture Care all throughout your life

Care for anything is very personalized issue. Similarly, your dentures too require a specific care. You may recall what your dentist or dental technician advised you on this issue when you were given to wear them for the very first time.

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Most Commonly Experienced Damages

  • Most commonly observed cause of fractures and breakages are resulted from poorly designed and developed dentures. Minute or micro fractures are very common with such dentures as you apply uneven force while biting and chewing your food.
  • A large break may be experienced in case of alignment of any set is not properly adjusted. In such cases you may have to spend a lot for your denture repairs. What happens in such cases is you apply excessive pressure in a particular point or area of your denture, which the denture material fails to absorb and breaks.
  • Fractures may occur in case you drop your dentures from a considerable height. You may notice crack or even fracture on the part of the appliance including on the metal parts of your partial denture. 
  • Very old, worn out dentures and partials are also very vulnerable to breakages and fractures due to thinning.
  • An uneven and forceful bite can cause a serious damage to the denture or partial in a specific area.

Denture Repairs

Very luckily, materials used for denture and partial making are of such kind that most of the damages can be repaired with little effort. However, serious damages require skilled and experienced hands for perfect denture repairs. In general, any kind of repairing of dentures is carried out by following procedures like revitalizing and relining. Once this adjustment is done at right time, you may expect your appliance to last longer. Such timely intervention can save precious time and money as well. This entire procedure is termed as dental relining and it does not take much time, unless it is done after a long gap or require major relining. Acrylic resin is the main material used in the denture or partial manufacture. Your dentist or dental technician can add any amount of the material in the effort of undertaking any kind of denture repairs.

Role you must play

  • Be very careful while cleaning or dealing with your dentures or partial. Generally, they can easily slip from your grip.
  • Do not drop them anywhere and in any case.
  • Inspect them regularly for any kind of damage.
  • In case of any kind of doubt, consult your dentist without any delay.

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With the growing age your bones, muscles, and other tissues of your body changes and shrinks. The same thing happens in our oral cavity also. Because of this reason you are required to reset and improve the fitting of your denture or partial at regular interval. And this can only be done when you consult with an expert dentist for the regular maintenance of your braces and dentures.

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