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Top Stupid Myths People Still Believe For ABS Workouts!

Crazy Myths!


Abs is generally what we refer to as rectus abdominis which is a set of one particular muscle. In order to develop those attractive muscles, you not only have to follow the proper diet, you also have to consistently workout to make sure that you get those desired results. Abs not only makes you look good in your outfit, they also give you an extra confident when walking around the streets.

Although men workout in order to acquire abs, we should not rule out the fact that there are also women who want to acquire abs. I have seen plenty of female Olympians which most of us men can only dream of. However, in the process of acquiring abs, you may get discouraged due to some myths that people believe when it comes to working out.  Don’t listen to them!

Myths That People Believe

10.  In Order To Get Great Abs, You Need To Do Hundreds of Reps

This is obviously not a true statement but a commonly held myth. Abs is just like any muscle such as the biceps. Therefore, you cannot develop abs by doing hundreds of reps, but this is a slow and gradual process. This is due to the fact that, the upper layer fat must first be exhausted before the muscle can rise up above the tendons. Therefore, instead of unnecessarily overworking the body, you should progressive add weigh to your abs exercise by getting 10-20 reps per day.

9.  You Have to Train Your Abs Every Day to Get Results

This is a very misguided myth as far as abs exercise is concerned. People who suffer from a low libido should consider consistent training though not on a daily basis.  This is due to the fact that, just like other muscles such as chest muscles, abs get exhausted over time and may need a break in order to recover and regenerate. Therefore, since abs exercise may be a resource for low libido, you should ensure that you consistently train to improve your abs.

8. Crunch is the Best Abs Exercise

Recent studies and research have shown that, activities such as bicycle rides are very vital in improving abs in the stomach and the entire body. This is because it improves the level of testosterone especially for those men who have a low testosterone. Apart from helping improve low testosterone, peddling your legs in the air while lying on your back provides more electrical responses to your abs more than the flat crunch.

7. Abs is a bunch of knotted muscle masses

This is a common myth held especially by those people who do not know anything to do with muscles. This is due to the fact that abs also known as rectus abdominis, run from the bottom of the ribcage down to the pelvis. The main reason that makes abs to look like a six pack is simply because there are horizontal muscles that run across the abs known as tendons.

6. The Standard Crunch is a Full-Range Exercise for the Rectus Abdominis

Crunches should not be carried out on flat surfaces such as on the bench or even the floor. Although this is a commonly held myth, when doing this, you are only training the top 2/3 of the abs range of movement. Basically, in order to train the other 1/3, your back has to be bent towards 30 degrees on the rear of the center. This kind of movement makes sure that the rectus abdominis is completely stretched.

      5. Training Abs with More Sets and Reps Will Burn Body Fat to Reveal a Perfect Six-Pack.

This is a perfect lie due to the fact that, there is no way that you can burn the fat on your stomach by doing lots of reps on abs exercises. However, in a research that aimed at showing the correlation between a healthy diet and development of abs, it found out that the most disciplined trainees achieved through strictly following  a healthy diet. On the other hand, performing cardio work can be a very resourceful avenue of getting rid of all the excess fat in your body.

              4. Training Consistently and Effectively Following the Set Program Will Bring Instant Results

Although these are practices that each and every trainee should follow, they do not guarantee instant results. This may be due several factors: The first one is that, you may have a value of around 12% which means that all that fat has to be burned before abs start to slowly appear. On the other hand, talking about male sexual enhancement for low libido, Virectin is an all-natural supplement that has received plenty of reviews from previous users. Therefore, on top of your daily crunches you should consider checking on those virectin reviews and treat your low libido problems.

3. Sit-Ups Alone Can Build Great Abs

This is a myth that you should never let deceive you. Although sit-ups are a prerequisite in building great abs, you should always ensure that you perform your exercise on at least three different positions. This is what many trainees do to get faster results.

2. You Need to Sweat For 45 Minutes to Get a Health Benefit

It is common from our daily lives that we sweat whenever performing a difficult task. Sweating is the process that the body gets rid of excess waste in the body. A study by the Harvard University on health and fitness showed that, sweating enhances your abs workout y only 1.5%. You should therefore try other methods other than sweating.

  1. More Gym Is Better

Many people believe that going to the gym daily will enhance their abs exercises. However, overworking your muscles might cause damage to the tissues. Therefore, as a good workout practice, you should always skip some training days to give your body sometime to recover.

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These are just some of the commonly believed crazy myths about abs workout. If you believe any of these myths, I guarantee that you will get nowhere each and every time you work out. Therefore, the best way to follow is by seeking advise from your gym teacher or conduct your personal research and this will greatly improve your abs exercises.


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