Train For Your Body Type

Mesomorph – the individual with the greatest potential for fitness and bodybuilding. He has a muscular constitution, broad shoulders, narrow waist, low fat layer. It’s the kind given by nature, that looks good even without training, but using them has very good chances to win easily muscle mass without accumulating fat. Most bodybuilders are mesomorph performance. They have a very efficient metabolism. Easily control their weight and body fat percentage. It also develops and strength so easily, obtaining results almost any type of workout.

Development need basic exercises, but their goal is proportionality and symmetry and definition, why are indicated and isolation exercises, as well as aerobic exercise. It will focus on quality and detail. Overtraining is not a danger so great that if ectomorph, but also mezoS can be taken away, increasing training volume too, which can turn into a problem.


Their training will be made so as to contain about 16 series (3-4 exercises) for each muscle group. To avoid capping, mezomorfii will use techniques intensity exercise and will vary their speed of execution and will alternate with some light workouts difficult.

Regarding nutrition, the meso have the same tendencies as ectos, meaning to eat whatever and whenever, because their body can cope well with this type of diet, without too great a risk of weight gain. However, balanced diet is important both to maintain health, but especially for those who want to achieve results in sports activity.

Endomorph – the type who easily gain weight, fat tissue is well represented, but also muscle mass that can accumulate relatively easy. His main problem is the layer that covers the muscles and therefore have to be very careful about diet and should make further efforts to define.

It has great bones and joints, short limbs, rounded forms, waist and wide hips. Metabolism is slow, so we remove fat deposits difficult. This is achieved by combining aerobic exercise with weight and eliminate fat should be seen not only in terms of aesthetics, but also as a means of preventing obesity-related diseases (atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, diabetes, etc.).

Training is an absolute necessity. Only with low-calorie diets, weight loss is going difficult. Endomorph should try everything you can to boost your metabolism to her, and this involves the combination of a well thought out diet and aerobic training.

Cardio training is the best solution for an endomorph. It is recommended 4-5 times per week, and if extreme endomorph, even daily workouts. Many tend to deposit fat in place when training ceases. It is recommended cardio workout at least 30-45 minutes a day at 75% intensity.


EndomorPHS have penchant for inactivity and sedentary. A strategy that does not fail is to increase current levels of physical activity – especially at leisure. Training must be intense to bear fruit. To boost your metabolism is essential that the intensity be permanently increased, and training sessions to be becoming more frequent.

Endomorfii should be aware that they have to make movement all his life, even though at one point reached the ideal weight. Strength training will consist of endomorph both the basic moves, and isolation. It will do more repetitions (12-15), with little break between sets, which will be taken to exhaustion. Circuit training is a technique recommended techniques with intensity that forced reps, descending sets, supersets. A group can be coached and 2 times per week. The most effective exercises are those that act on large muscle groups – especially those for the leg muscles – genoflexiunile, lunges, press. This stimulates metabolism and hormone secretion role in lipolysis.

Endomorfii must be careful what they eat and be disciplined about diet, caloric excesses that are rapidly transformed in overweight.

The regime rich in refined carbohydrates – sugar and white flour – predispose to weight gain because they are ultimately converted into fat. The best solution for an endomorph is a low-calorie diet with reduced amount of fat, rich in protein and lower percentage of carbohydrates. Percentage diet might look like this: 30-35% protein, 15-20% fat, 40-45% carbohydrates. It can be used supplements that boosts metabolism.

So in short, we have three types of somatic:

– Ectomorphs – weak, thin wrists, reduced muscle mass, fat free
– Mesomorphous – athletic, broad shoulders, muscles well represented, nonfat
– Endomorph – low height, body fat better represented, moderate muscle mass

But we have to remember that no one is 100% ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorphous … each person is a combination of three types of somatic.


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